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Top Places To Order Coffee From In Dubai

Top places to order coffee from in Dubai

Updated: Jan 15

Begin your day with a fresh cappuccino or a large latte macchiato can be an integral part of any morning, and an afternoon Americano is much needed.

Have a look at the top cafés and coffee shops in Dubai to order your coffee from. Preferred universally – a hot cup of coffee –tastes even better when it is delivered straight to your door.

RAW Coffee Company This place is a lot more than a coffee house, it’s one of the only places in Dubai that roasts its own beans. Sourcing premium green beans from all corners of the world. RAW Coffee Company offers up locally roasted, organic and ethically traded beans. All the coffee beans served here have been roasted in small batches and are available in either single origins or blends. The homegrown coffee bean company is all set and accepting takeaway and delivery – and at no additional charge. Choose roasters choice, roasters choice premium or a variety of select blends. Pick your roast level – brewing or espresso, choose your grind with whole bean, filter, French press and the list goes on. Clients can choose how much they require and that is all that’s required. For more information please visit

Café Bateel Middle Eastern chain Café Bateel is keeping traditional Arabic coffee en vogue with a large number of branches all across the city. The coffee is fresh and delicious – it isn’t filtered and is flavoured with an assortment of spices. The flavours principally include cardamom, but also saffron, cloves, and cinnamon. Order via Deliveroo, visit

Coffee Planet Relish café standards of premium coffee from your own home? As the region’s largest home-grown specialty Arabica coffee roaster, Coffee Planet roasts their coffee locally and produces their very own bean, ground and capsule coffee. The home-grown brand is offering 25 percent off all online coffee orders with the code TAKE25 at checkout and is also offering free delivery on all online orders with no minimum order. Coffee Planet is also ready to offer its very own cold brew nitrogen range which is low in calories and available in three different flavours: black, latte and vanilla latte. Grab-and-go coffee enthusiasts can now ask for six assorted flavours and get a free a Nitro Cold Brew cooler bag. And the top coffee deals continue if you buy 15 boxes of assorted capsule blends, you’ll receive a free Nespresso-compatible espresso machine. For more information please visit:

Common Grounds Common Grounds, from the team behind Tom & Serg, is a great spot to start the day with a freshly perfectly brewed coffee and a healthy breakfast. Now a lot easier as the popular homegrown spot is now offering home delivery via Deliveroo. The homegrown coffee shop takes prides itself on its selection of speciality coffee and trendy options include the “bullet proof coffee” with MCT coconut oil and grass-fed butter and the iced flat white with agave. Drinking coffee at home never felt so cool. Order via Deliveroo.

Costa Coffee A hot cup of coffee is the best thing and the fresh aroma when you wake up in the morning (or the afternoon) and Costa Coffee delivers across the UAE via Deliveroo, Talabat and Uber Eats. The cheapest coffee is the double espresso, costing Dhs15 and if you’re interested to order creamy, cold concoctions like the Frostino double chocolate cookie mocha. Order via Deliveroo, Talabat and Uber Eats,

Starbucks World-famous coffee chain Starbucks has partnered up with Deliveroo and now does deliveries throughout the UAE. Now available at branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, deliveries will come from customer’s closest branch, and it offers a full menu of coffees, frappuccinos and teas. Expect Americanos, double shot espressos, iced lattes with whipped cream, brewed coffees, matcha lattes, cream frappuccinos with a list of flavours and plenty more. There’s also an entire range of bakery items, along with sandwiches, cakes, muffins, mini brownies and more signature Starbucks dishes. Deliveroo.

Tim Hortons Canadian café and bake shop Tim Hortons offers deliveries via Deliveroo, Talabat and Uber Eats with prices starting at Dhs8 for the signature black brewed coffee. Other drinks include Belgium hot chocolate as well as a huge range of lattes including salted caramel, matcha, chai or golden latte. Order a side of the signature Tim Hortons Timbits, these bite-sized doughnuts are filling and can be very addictive. Order via Deliveroo, Talabat and Uber Eats.

Nespresso The nearest Nespresso shop to restock, as the coffee brand is now offering home delivery across the UAE. Nespresso is offering free delivery on a minimum order of 50 capsules or any machine, which can be delivered in one to two business days. There are also simple recipes available on their website, so that clients don’t miss out on that hazelnut affogato when working from home.

For more information please visit www.buynespresso.comor call (800 637 733 776).

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