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The Kana Cafe

The Kana Cafe


comes from the root in the portmanteau expression of the restaurant chain in UAE, is basically the sacrosanct term ‘Khana’ or place. With a warm and extraordinary ambience, Kana is a modest inception.

Shisha Kana Cafe was launched in one of Dubai’s prime location at Mirdiff Mall. The exquisite outlook was a product of expertise and experience that cam from the group’s previous restaurant ventures in the United States since 1996. With a sitting capacity of 550 individuals and 18,000 sq. ft. carpet area the newly launched cafe started

to serve an assortment of exotic flavours of sheesha flowing through the water-pipe and became a center of attraction for masses at the mall. Eventually, two different brands with completely different range of cuisines were opened on the sidelines of Shisha Kana Cafe. The first one was introduced to customers in 2010 was the ‘Pasta Kana’ that served a tempting range of pastas in a nuanced Arabic taste. The other one that initiated in 2012 was the ‘Eva Kana’ which served traditional Arabic cuisines in a modern ambience. In time the popularity of the Kana chain gained currency across Dubai and other Emirates as well. The growing popularity demanded the presence of Kana brand in the heart of the city. A prime location was chosen in the center of Downtown Dubai.


new Cafe under the banner of ‘The Kana Cafe’ was opened in 2013 at Business Bay with a massive space of 9000 sq. ft. that can accommodate 350 visitors at a time. The new center have patrons of all complexions from all walks of life serving various range of cuisines as well as sheesha. The group launched ‘Sizzling Grill’ restaurant in 2015. While the chain is becoming a prominent name in the foodies of Dubai.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and shisha. The Kana Cafe is a popular chain of restaurant and is ideal for families and large gatherings.

Contact: The Kana Cafe Uptown Mirdiff Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 239 3773 Web:

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