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The Green Planet Launches Australian Wildlife Experience

The Green Planet launches Australian wildlife experience


can meet wallabies, lizards, turtles and more at the brand new themed display.

Dubai’s glass biodome The Green Planet has launched The Australian Walkabout, an animal experience that offers a unique “trip to the Land Down Under” through multi-species exhibits that are specific to the mainland.

The newly-renovated level of the indoor rainforest, kids and adults alike will wonder at exotic creatures while exploring the depth of the Australian Outback. The Walkabout highlights diverse ecosystems such as deserted campsites, red sand exhibits, abandoned planes and Australian landmarks, along with their inhabitants which has a variety from kangaroos and wallabies, to snakes and spiders.

“We’re delighted that

The Green Planet is bringing Australia’s unique and exciting wildlife to the UAE, so people can go on an Australian Walkabout and get their first glimpse of these amazing creatures in the region. The Green Planet will also offer an opportunity to learn about Australia’s diverse environments and climates and to find out why it’s considered one of the few mega bio-diverse countries in the world,” says H.E. Arthur Spyrou, Australia’s ambassador to the UAE.

The abandoned plane now has the Goanna, the largest lizard in Australia, which can grow up to 2.1 metres. Visitors can go in and snap a photo. The lizard and turtle exhibit is reminiscent of Australians well-known landmark Uluru, and meet the bearded dragon, frill-necked lizard, blue-tongue skink and snake-neck turtles. The Australian Walkabout’s largest exhibit features big-footed marsupials and kangaroos’ relatives, the wallabies, which are close enough to touch as they wander their caves. The place is also home to famous birds, including Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, laughing kookaburras and a palm cockatoo. The entire experience also boasts multiple species of grass parakeets, cockatiels and smaller Australian parakeets, the notorious redback spider and an army of White’s tree frogs. The Australian Carpet Python is also there slithering in an abandoned workshop setting.

The Green Planet at City Walk

is a retreat for all nature lovers. It is a realistic, rainforest environment and has regulated temperature and humidity levels. It’s home to a remarkable assortment of 3,000 living species.

The Green Planet is an exciting museum with birds from toucans to colourful parrots of all shapes and sizes, with a sweet soundtrack for the biodome. There are many Toco toucans, the largest of all toucan species. Eye-catching colours with their orange and black looks attractive as they fly, they choose instead to hop from branch to branch. The sheer size of the tree is massive, there are plenty of palm-sized critters and some has the weaver ants. Native to Southeast Asia, they build their nests in the leaves of trees. There are two sloths – one male and one female – the pair roams around freely. Native to central and South America, their legs are unable to support their body weight on the ground, but they are good swimmers. Pre-hensile tailed porcupines are also native to South America. They spend the majority of their lives in trees and use their long, prehensile tail to help them balance and grasp branches. The basement has a waterfall that cascades through the ceiling into a covered area, home to the marine life that also live in our rainforests, including turtles.

The Green Planet is a novel green oasis in the city, that is an educational and a fun experience. This is the first bio-dome of its kind in the region, The Green Planet is set to become a must-visit attraction for residents and tourists alike. The Green Planet adds to Meraas Leisure & Entertainment division’s present offering encompassing The Dome Box, the region’s first 360-degree dome theatre at BOXPARK, Splash Pad, a wet play area for children at THE BEACH opposite JBR, and Reel Cinemas THE BEACH.

Contact: The Green Planet  Al Etihad Rd Near Deira City Centre Metro Station Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 298 0053 Web:


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