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The Centre For Musical Arts Cma

The Centre for Musical Arts (CMA)


non-profit making organisation, The Centre for Musical Arts (CMA) has a broad vision to develop and enhance the existing musical community initially in Dubai. The team plans to make the musical experience available to a wider audience through its teaching programs, concerts, recitals and workshops.

Located in The Gold and Diamond Park in Al Quoz, CMA is one of only 7 recognised examination centres in the UAE by the Associated Board for the Royal Schools of Music. The Centre is dedicated to providing quality music instruction for both adults and children alike. With individual music instruction, group classes and general music education, CMA are proud to play a pioneering role as the provider of choice for music education in the UAE.


are committed to provide high quality and affordable musicianship to the young and the young at heart. They are always ready to provide quality private music instruction tailored to each individual. They encourage ensemble participation in every student’s musical journey. The team strives to be a first class provider of broad-based musical education and activities in the UAE. They play an important part of a thriving musical culture in the UAE. The team provides a positive atmosphere for all involved and a good environment for musicians to develop their skills. Offering interesting opportunities for the community to show their commitment to developing arts and culture in the UAE.

The Centre for Musical Arts opened its doors in September 2006. Initially they had just 6 teachers and 2 administrative staff. Within a short while word spread of the exceptional quality of music lessons on offer and within a month, all the lessons were packed at full capacity on a daily basis. By December 2006, the waiting list had moved to close to 150.

By staying true to its mission of providing high quality and affordable musicianship to the young and the young at heart, The Centre for Musical Arts continued to grow and attract the finest musicians who were keen on imparting their skills to the community. They witnessed a series of commendable achievements that firmly cemented CMA as one of the premier music schools in Dubai.

CMA expansion site now includes a performance hall, recital room, rehearsal space, cafe, book shop and teaching studios. The team has received various awards for outstanding services from the Maria Christina Foundation.

Contact: The Centre for Musical Arts (CMA) Gold and Diamond Park Building 6, Ground Floor Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 341 8872 Web:

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