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is the ultimate bar for adults, seventyseventy offers a refined space, modelled after the sleek design of the early 70’s era.

The Seventy Seventy based at the Park Hyatt Dubai is a previously under-utilized mezzanine area above the Traiteur restaurant. This space has gained from a major design overhaul. The place was recently reopened and boasts of a very comfortable and residential feel. Lots of structural changes were made before the interior work began. They added a new slab that previously connected to the restaurant below, leaving a small windows to look down. This gave the space its own identity.

Seventy Seventy was a collaborative project between Meraki & Modus, who had designed the concept and strategy, and LW Design who was responsible for the interior design of the project; Aati Contracts executed the project’s fit-out requirements. 

Before reaching the smoked-glass entrance doors, visitors get a glimpse of what to expect with some accessories and design elements spilling into the hotel corridor. They have a definite theme from 70’s music, fashion and style. The shelving, with tapered corners, displays a collection of old transistor radios, gramophone players and framed vinyl from the 70’s. The metal speaker with mesh-detail frames preserves some of the limited editions. The wooden wall with low lighting gives a warm glow that gives the area an inviting and cosy feel. Danish design classics can be seen around on a traditional black slate brick floor, with cosy wool and sisal rugs. A bar counter set up in the corner of the space is ready to serve drinks and small bites to guests. The menu has also been designed and presented in original 70’s album covers.

The retro-

glamorous atmosphere of seventyseventy’s is appreciated by the patrons who are encouraged to move around, play records on the record player, sit by the flames of the vapour fireplace and enjoy a nightcap on the terrace with the stunning Creek views.

Seventy Seventy’s bartenders show mixology skills and chat! For specials people can visit and avail offers on Martini Mondays, Old Fashioned Tuesdays, Whisky Wednesday, Thirsty Thursdays, Flashback Friday, Saturday Chill and more. This is the ultimate bar for grown-ups, seventyseventy offers a refined space with drinks that is shaken or stirred.

Contact: SeventySeventy Park Hyatt Dubai, The Promenade Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 602 1814 Web:

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