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Roam Opens At Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai

ROAM opens at Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai

A great place for teenagers to engage and socialize, ROAM is a creative space designed for 21st century teens. Roam boasts a high-tech arcade atmosphere through various game zones and virtual reality, all combined in one creative and dynamic space. Children from the ages of 13 to 17 can explore their personalities and enhance their imagination in an entertaining, chilled out yet fun-filled atmosphere with an assortment of engaging activities.

Teens can have a great time and begin the day with coffee chats and yoga for a morning boost, followed by an afternoon of trivia answering questions related to sports, music and favorite marvel characters. The day continues with treasure hunt activities with a millennial twist such as a Selfie Scavenger Hunt, Caesars Hunt, Instagrammable Moment Photo Hunt or a Race Around The Empire. A dynamic teen-only evening, an outdoor fish, Roman party or a teen quest is sure to keep them engaged while the adults enjoy some quality time. A lot more fun activities for those that like to stick together, activities such as Building an Empire invites families to come together and experience a variety of get-to-know-you games as part of the family holiday.

Dubai is indeed known for clubs for little ones, but the older kids now have a play spot that was created just for them, too. ROAM, a dynamic space for teenagers, has just opened its doors at Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai.

The creative space, which has been designed with the modern teen’s needs in mind, features different game zones each dedicated to a variety of activities including virtual reality simulators – with compartments and secluded in container-style fashion for the “chill” factor. ROAM’s décor is bright and futuristic, with brightly coloured, geometric and just plain fun. Teens will find everything from pool and tennis tables, to seating zones with charging points for added convenience. Teens can have chats over coffee or go for yoga, then play trivia challenge where they can test each other’s knowledge of sports, music and even Marvel characters.

Surrounded by shimmering blue waters and spell binding Gulf views, Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai is the ultimate sanctuary of relaxation amid the buzzing city. Dubai Luxury Beach Resort is located on the lavish man-made island of Bluewaters and connecting to the iconic Jumeirah Beach, Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai presents all the signature elements of the Caesars Palace experience. Dining and awe-inspiring entertainment is available to indulgent amenities and legendary service. With 194 luxury accommodations and 80 hotel apartments with access to a private beach oasis, the hotel has six cutting-edge restaurants, bars and lounges.

ROAM is open daily from 10:00 until midnight.

Families can visit any of the resort’s seven restaurants and get the kids complimentary access to ROAM until Monday September 30.

Contact: ROAM Caesars Palace, Bluewaters Island Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 556 6666, +971 4 556 6401 Web:

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