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Pinpoint Fitness Dubai

Pinpoint Fitness Dubai

The team

at PinPoint Fitness provides an exceptional experience of fitness to their members. One of the leading fitness clubs in Dubai, Fit Box Gym finds its home at The Pointe Palm Jumeirah. They offer a range of workout regimes to help you strengthen.

Following the training methodology – Pinpoint Fitness not just follows a scientific but a focused and consistent approach. The team emphasize on form, technique, & accuracy more than intensity and vigorous exercise. Training at Pinpoint is designed to help individuals do better in all of the Ten Elements of Fitness and progress one workout at a time.

CrossFit is a new-age fitness regime

that helps clients get the benefits of weight-training and cardio exercises in a single workout. Pinpoint Fitness is a fitness club that specialises in CrossFit. Pinpoint offers different types of CrossFit classes for adults and also for kids from ages 5 to 13 years during the week and on the weekends. To meet the gym’s objective of optimising clients’ training experience with high levels of focus and accuracy, classes are limited to 10 athletes per session.  They are located at a branch at The Pointe.

Fitness as a lifestyle  – for the team, physical fitness is not just a temporary objective in an individual’s life. Instead, it is a lifestyle that influences the way an individual make decisions and live a daily life.

Therefore, the team at Pinpoint values and promotes healthy habits and help the athletes commit and abide by them. The trainers understand  that committing to a fitness regime can be difficult and hard to sustain. However, their trainers can help one set specific, measurable & time-based fitness goals that make workout experience enjoyable, sustainable and rewarding! The supportive team can figure out a the best way for to train in attaining your fitness goals.

Contact: Pinpoint Palm Jumeirah – Al Mirziban – Dubai The Pointe, Palm Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 50 358 2383 Fax : + 971 52 920 6268 Web:

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