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Parkour Dxb

Parkour DXB

Known as the Home

of Parkour in the UAE, Parkour DXB offers services such as: Private coaching and small group training that are available for adults and youth.

The trainers welcome all fitness levels, it does not matter if someone is a beginner or advanced, they design personalized services to ensure each individual gets the most of training sessions. Parkour DXB also provides group training classes for corporates, schools and fitness clubs.

Parkour & Movement-based fitness training is a natural movement training program that offers a complete and holistic method of body-weight exercises.

The staff encourages people, to step outside their comfort zone using the fundamentals of movement in a fun, safe and accessible environment. Their training re-establishes natural, functional movement to people’s life and engages them with challenges and tasks that will test every aspect of their body and mind. Working towards strengthening their fitness, agility, power, flexibility, endurance, mobility, coordination helps them stay in control. Their focus and their willpower get better and every muscle-group will be strengthened, along with every movement pattern that will be enhanced. The participants biomechanics will find their natural balance and their movement will reach its true potential.

At Parkour DXB, the team believes in conscious movement as a tool to promote physical and mental growth. They use parkour fundamentals as the foundation. Their academy makes one feel a lot more capable and confident on many levels. Parkour is beyond a sport, it is a complete way of training the mind and body – and it’s a lot of fun! Everyone gets professional guidance made available in all their classes.

Their extra curricular school programs offer various exciting alternative to traditional sports – skills that include balancing, rolling, climbing, jumping, and a lot more! The team has many years of experience working with and engaging the youth.

Their kids training programs are based on their mindful movement practice. The team offers safe and fun classes for both primary and secondary schools in the UAE.

Along with their regular classes at the academy the team provides specific themed training experiences that focus on more in depth elements of parkour. The team offers training for obstacle course race, a mind and body workshop, holiday camp etc – Parkour DXB is happy to offer an assortment of bespoke programs for all.

Contact: Parkour DXB Warehouse 42, 6 17 St, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 800 7275687 e-mail: Web:

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