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NEMO Diving Center

Established in 2014 in

The staff is proud of their dedication to high safety standards, clean and comfortable facilities, and friendly, experienced staff. For them, diving is a passion and occupation, but also a way of life. The team considers each diver’s individual requirements and desires to make everyone’s dive experience unique and special. They provide complete sets of equipment, which is carefully and regularly maintained to stringent safety regulations.

NEMO Diving Center has all-weather diving vessels that

The team accomplishes this mission with an outstanding training and safety program, by thorough communication with their clients, and by constantly evaluating and improving the they go about conducting their diving operations.

With categorical integrity as their foundation, they inspire, engage, create and deliver. Nemo Diving Center encourages the team to follow and maintain safety standards that are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in all of their equipment and sites. Following high quality, they are committed to providing high-quality recreational diving services and strive for continuous improvement of their work. 

With high team spirit, the company of teamwork spirit, they ensure that customer requirements are understood and those are met. Top Management keeps a close watch and monitors and measures customer satisfaction and keeps up in enhancing customer satisfaction level by providing Quality services on targeted delivery time.

Contact: NEMO Diving Center 2 Al Nessnass St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 56 704 4472 Web:

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