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Mountain Lodge With Luxury Camping Trailers To Open In Hatta

Mountain lodge with luxury camping trailers to open in Hatta


launches diversified tourism projects in Hatta. Projects in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to engage businesses, entrepreneurs, young people. New development plan are designed at enhance tourism and positioning the picturesque location as Dubai’s outdoor nature and culture destination.

On 10 July 2018 Meraas announced a series of major developments in Hatta and advancing the social and economic development of the area. Developments are associated with the advice of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. These plans include the 10-year Hatta Comprehensive Development Plan that he officially announced in 2016.

The upcoming projects have been developed based on strategic plans managed by Meraas, with both design and construction adhering to the premier global and sustainability principles. All the construction materials were particularly selected to complement and enhance the natural environment without compromising the geological integrity of the area or impacting the surrounding communities and ecosystems.

 The mission is to position Hatta as a destination for eco-tourism in the region. the first phase of these projects is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of this year.

His Excellency Abdulla Al Habbai, Group Chairman at Meraas, said: “Hatta is known for its beautiful scenery – mountains, lakes, wadis, farms, dams and fresh air and the development of eco-tourism demonstrates our commitment at Meraas to implementing the vision of our wise leadership by creating economic opportunities for young people, local businesses and entrepreneurs in Hatta.”

“Supporting and enhancing the integration of leisure, hospitality, tourism and transportation is key to transforming this highly popular destination into a world-class area that offers families a diverse leisure experience.”

“We have worked to establish effective partnerships between Meraas and the people of Hatta in order to ensure

projects meet the aspirations of present and future generations and that the area is equipped to receive more visitors to historical, social and cultural heritage sites, as well as indulge in a distinctive shopping experience of handicrafts and agriculture products and enjoy authentic Emirati cuisine in Hatta.”

The first addition to Hatta’s tourism landscape will be enormous ‘Hatta’ letters positioned at an elevation of around 450 metres up in the Hajar Mountains, which offer the picturesque town with its striking backdrop and represent the gateway to explore the area. An adventure centre and interactive tourism information destination is also planned, creating further links between visitors, tour guides and the people of Hatta. Other new projects are going to commence in the first phase of the development include idyllic mountain lodges, with 20 rooms, offering delightful views of the surrounding mountains and landscape in a tranquil retreat ideal setting to unwind.

Visitors to Hatta will get

a chance to camp at a first-of-its kind trailers hotel concept set in the midst of the picturesque mountains on the banks of the charismatic Hatta dams. Developments are being kept away from local residential areas to safeguard the privacy and lifestyle of the people of Hatta. The second phase of the project comprises of an assortment of additional hospitality and retail developments that are set to create further connection between local, regional and international tourists, and the rich Emirati culture that exists across the UAE. Existing and future projects incorporate modern and sustainable material, with unconventional designs that each have their own character and charm

Contact: Hatta Heritage Village Hatta Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 852 1374, +971 4 317 3999, 800-637227 (800 MERAAS) Web:

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