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Little Champions Nursery

Little Champions Nursery

A purpose built-in nursery

, Little Champions nursery Dubai offers an ideal place for toddlers. With modern and spacious rooms, the centre is bright and comfortable. All their furniture and resources are made of natural and child-friendly materials. Each room is managed by a Nursery Teacher who is supported by a number of Nursery Assistants to make sure that they always meet or surpass the correct staff to children ratio.

Babyroom: They have “Babees” room, that are designed to ensure the maximum comfort for infants and young children. The centre has a separate sleeping area to ensure the little ones peace and quiet to rest while a pulsating and inspiring activity area will keep the little champions busy throughout the day. For children who are confident walkers and are all set to engage in more physically

active and creative activities, their “Honey Bees” class has everything to stimulate learning through play of toddlers. From 2-3 age group, their “Buzzing Bees” and “Bumble Bees” classrooms children enjoy a number of messy and stimulating activities to promote their inquisitive love for new discoveries. 3-4 age kids can enjoy at their bright, dynamic and stimulating foundation classrooms with activities such as early reading, writing and numeracy skills in a fun filled educational environment where our “Dancing Bees” and “Humming Bees” will thrive while learning.

The playroom at Little Champions Nursery has an indoor gym that is well equipped with structure designed to keep children busy while stimulating their creativity and imagination. The centre offer Theatre & Library and that has been custom made to encourage pretend play and social skills during play time. The library is full with an assortment of age appropriate books to develop interest in books and love reading.

Garden area offers outdoor space that has been conceived and designed as a safe and exciting environment where children can play and develop a big range of gross motor skills with our top of the range equipment. Their principal aim is to offer a caring, stimulating learning and social environment in which all children can flourish.

To feel safe, secure and comfortable from early childhood, the team lays emphasis on the importance of settling their child in. The staff offers an individual approach to the child, promoting and supporting his smooth integration into the group. The team has a process to promote children and their abilities to discover their own interests and explore their own ways of play and creativity. Their essential task is to encourage children to pick up new activities. They are ready to offer children an opportunity to take a part in their own theatre for kids. Participating in drama class will

help children to be more confident and strengthen their courage.

They also offer others physical activity for kids, as physical exercises rise and strengthen health and overall wellness. Physical activity helps kids to socialize – they join teams and make new friends, sharing a lot of fun together. Children can select options of healthy food, which is essential for growing bodies and together with physical exercises keeping them feel fit and active.

Contact: Little Champions Nursery Villa 22 street 81a behind Canadian university 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 344 6420 Web:


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