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Lads Burger

Lads Burger


lads burger

This is a place where people come together and witness an urban food experience. Although there are lots of boutique fast food

lads burger

The menu at the restaurant isn’t elaborate either with six 100 percent wagyu beef burger options. They have kept it simple with the classic burger wedged into a super soft, squishy bun, those who believes pineapple works on pizza can give the Piña Colada burger a go – it is really great. A choice of chicken burger or a chicken taouk

lads burger

Lad’s Burger is a place that gets it right from start to finish and savory to sweet. The eatery is open 24-seven. That’s  for foodies who have midnight burgers cravings.

Contact: LADS Burger Dubai Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 800 5237 Web:

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