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Kite Surfing Club Dubai

Kite Surfing Club Dubai


Kitesurf School Dubai is the only company with kite surfing training and largest online shop in the UAE and the Middle East.

Guided by a skilled team of kiteboarding professionals and passionate instructors at Kite Surfing UAE work towards teaching kitesurfing in Abu Dhabi & Dubai for more than a decade. Their kitesurfing school offers kitesurfing lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. They are dedicated to provide only the best service to the kitesurfing community of the region.

For those wanting to learn a new skill or sport is the time and effort involved can attempt Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, which is considered as an extreme sport. Enthusiasts can ride a board through the water while being pulled by a giant kite.

Riders gear up with a harness that is attached to the kite. Kitesurfing is a very popular sport in the UAE, there are a number of kitesurfers that frequent beaches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Tutors are available and the number of hours depends on the ability of the student, but most people have at least eight hours of tuition before they go solo.

Customers can avail Kitesurfing participation of top international Pro riders and summer surfers trip packages. If someone needs kitesurfing lessons in Abu Dhabi or Dubai can contact them directly for more details. They are a team of kiteboarding professionals and kite instructors. All of their instructors are all certified. The dedicated team offers full courses for beginners through advanced kiteboarders in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. They are happy to custom design a program for individual needs. Their kitesurfing school in Abu Dhabi & Dubai only teaches with newer kiteboarding gear.

Kitesurfing is the fastest growing watersport in the world! Kitesurfing is an exciting adrenaline packed sport combining high speeds, big air, acrobatics and waveriding. The main objective of team staff is to reduce the frustration level associated with learning ways to kiteboard and to accelerate their proficiency. They achieve these goals by tailoring lessons to individual needs. They also offer one-on-one instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students are able to become independent kiteboarders quickly and safely, and advanced students take their skills to an entirely new level. 

Students go through various levels and finally Kitesurfer can set up and check their equipment for their session. They get trained to ride away from shore on the board and ride back to shore, they are capable to put edge on Heelside and Toeside to change course. Eventually they ride away from shore and come back to the starting point. They can confidently ride upwind and continue to do so for longer intervals.

Contact: Kite Surfing Club Dubai Nessnass Beach (behind Sunset Mall) Al Nessnass Street – 33 A St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. P.O. Box: 13334 Tel.: +971 50 777 1692 e-mail: Web:

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