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Kids Kingdom Learning Centre

Kids Kingdom Learning Centre

With various

branches in Dubai, Kids Kingdom Learning Centre considers minutest requirements of children and parents. The facilities are safe and development of children is at very affordable services. They offer an array of indoor and outdoor learning, exploring, creating choices for for all little explorers. The staff continues to draw inspiration from Early Years Foundation Stage, UK and guide children through their crucial early years of learning and to give them the best possible preparation and foundation in life.

Staff at Kids Kingdom Nursery in Discovery Gardens believes that different types of transitions can affect children and young people’s development. This transition is a change from one stage or state to another, types of transitions include intellectual (Kids Kingdom to primary school), physical (e.g educational setting/home), emotional (parents separating, new baby, bereavement), physiological. 

Expected transitions include babies being weaned from food, being cared for by others, beginning to crawl and walk, nappies to toilet training. The team provides support, children need a lot of care through comfort during transition periods. Parents who are concerned during a specific transition period at home or at there childcare setting can seek advice from the settings manager, nurse or their child’s class teacher. Nursery in Dubai Marina branch recommends balanced meals, snacks, and drinks for children in their Early Years. They advice what to prepare for the child at pre-school/Nursery.

Once a child joins the centre, he/she goes through a Phasing In period in which the parents enjoy the convenience of sending their child for lesser hours which are increased as soon as the child adapts and settled. During this period the staff takes a lot of care and puts in efforts to ensure that the child feels at home and enjoys his/her time spent in the centre. A child takes longer than one week to settle, the teacher takes necessary precautions based on her observations of child. She is able to assist in settling the child by providing ample opportunities of those activities which the child particularly enjoys.

Settled children begin to enjoy the planned activities by the class teachers. This allows everyone and have an opportunity to observe all abilities of the child and link these observations to different areas of development. The classroom teacher fills up the baseline assessment for each child on the first month of each term, to see and mark the progress. The baseline assessment allows teachers to plan the day to day activities and helps children to achieve one milestone after another. Their progress reports are carefully written for each child once a year by the class teacher at the end of the school year. Teacher uses all collected observations and baseline assessment to note child’s abilities in each area of the development guided by EYFS curriculum. The reports are often wanted for the assessment in the school where child will be continuing his/her education.

EYFS take care and tracks a child’s progress. Practitioners at Kids Kingdom Learning Centre observe children’s play, learning and progress and record the same in each child’s learning journey in a routine manner. They also have an exceptional concept of sharing child’s learning journey with parents. “Learning Journey” is an informative and interesting collection of pictures, anecdotes and art samples from the learning journey of each child. They share this periodically with parents during parent teacher conferences. Parents are welcome to explore it as and when they wish to during the year.

Hours: Sun – Thurs: 07:30 – 18:00

Contact: Kids Kingdom Learning Centre Icon2 Tower, Basement Level Cluster L, Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 552 1585 Web:

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