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Healthy Meal Deliveries To Order In Dubai

Healthy meal deliveries to order in Dubai

Healthy meal deliveries are available in Dubai, these are best diet plans that can enhance overall fitness.

There are plenty of restaurants serving delicacies with gooey cheese, greasy carbs and lavish chocolate puddings. Also available are healthy eating options to try out a fad diet or taste the latest superfoods. A large number of food deliveries are available in the UAE that will bring healthy food, either cooked or ready to prepare, direct to your doorstep.

Meal plans are tailored to your dietary requirements, physical goals or budget. No cooking or cleaning is required, no need for trips to the supermarket.

CF Kitchen Coming from the gym that provides weight loss system in the Middle East comes a cook-it-yourself grocery delivery and meal plan. Well designed for men and women and with the focus on providing weight-loss as part of a work-out plan the products are delivered home and can be cooked with ease. Dishes are very simple to prepare and include take-to-work breakfasts. Sample plan: A veggie box includes ten meals (five breakfasts, five dinners) and is Dhs380. Sample meal: Egg and vegetable frittata, cups with honey-roasted butternut squash, freekah and kale. For more information please visit or call (+971 50 558 6364).

Colour My Plate Get to order meal plans, catering and dietary consultations along with well-presented dishes and a focus on healthy eating. Those who are looking to lose fat or gain muscle, a plan can be offered. It is a good option for anybody who has, or is concerned they may have, a food intolerance. Testing for more than 100 food allergies and intolerances is offered to get a plan that matches the findings. Signing up is required and a detailed questionnaire is required, making the final output tailored accordingly. Sample plan: 20-day package includes three meals and two snacks, five days a week. For more information please visit: Sample meal: Rice-crusted chicken with broccoli and carrot. (+971 50 935 1013 ).

Cookabox Prepared by an award-winning chef and licensed dieticians design the meals on plans that are fresh and packed with sourced ingredients for you to prepare healthy food yourself. The food itself comes  from reputed suppliers with the recipe cards with 15 new options each week so one can retain flexibility. Every item is pre-weighed so clients can have no waste and have controlled portions. This is a good way to gain cooking confidence as well as eat healthily. Sample plan: Organic food box includes four meals per week at a price of Dhs111 per meal. Sample meal: Vietnamese chicken rice bowls. For more information please visit: or call (+971 4 453 8711).

Cycle Bistro The Cycle Bistro is one of the paleo restaurant in Dubai and is a favourite of health food-lovers and cycling enthusiasts alike. This is the sit-in restaurant that offers a meal delivery programme following a paleo diet. Various dishes come vegan as well as nut and egg-free, with each dish divided into measurements of calories, fats, carbs and proteins. Sample plan: Paleo program includes three meals a day for 24 days for 24 days for Dhs3,890. Dhs162 per day. Sample meal: Curried baked stuffed sweet potato; broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, onion, coconut cream stew, served with tangy beetroot hummus. For more information please visit: (+971 4 425 3000).

Munchbox The vending machine offer candy bars and local convenience store full of chocolate that are tempting, the healthy snacking habit can switch treats. Munchbox has various guilt-free morsels, such as nutty mixes, energy balls and protein pebbles. The recipes are put together by a nutritionist and are tasty. Call (800 68624) or visit:

Ripe Ripe has now known for the outdoor markets selling handicrafts and produce to hipsters at various venues across the UAE, it main purpose is to offer organic farm shop with a walk-in store and online delivery. Order a Ripe Box and it is packed with all manner of fruits and vegetables as well as some eggs and dairy for Dhs229. Call (055 543 1282) or visit:

Daintree The UAE’s first paleo meal delivery service also has vegan and healthy meal plans available. The paleo diet is based on the food eaten by cavemen not processed, no need to go out hunting and gathering, instead you can peruse a menu and have freshly prepared nosh sent out from the kitchens of leading nutritionists.Try soy-free, sugar-free, egg- free and more or less anything else-free. Sample plan: Paleo plan is organic and gluten-free and is priced from Dhs150 per day. Sample meal: Butternut squash soup. For more information please visit: or call (+971 4 399 9818).

Eat Clean This portal of healthy meal providers under one banner has various healthy groceries, superfoods and snacks that creates a range of meal plans. Along with most suppliers, one can chose a meal plan that is suitable for needs with options filtered by their calorie content. Their fitness plan with up to 2,500 calories per day. 1,100 calorie options has three solid meals and a couple of snacks), more suitable to you. Sample plan: Eat Clean fitness build-up plan comes with three meals and two snacks per day and costs Dhs950 for five days. Dhs190 per day. Sample meal: Prawn paella. For more information please visit or call (600 545 542).

Eat Well In collaboration with the Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre, Eat Well is one of the well known healthy eating joints in the city that offers food delivered to your doorstep. Meal plans take a holistic approach giving information about height, weight and nutrition history while signing up. Nutritionists ca make a plan depending on requirements. Weight loss, athleticism, fertility and health concerns such as diabetes are taken into account. Sample plan: Full-day package includes three meals and two snacks a day, for Dhs3,745 for 20 days. Sample meal: Vegetable quinoa biryani. For more information visit: or call +971 54 476 6326).

Hello Chef Those who need to cook for themselves on this plan ensures fresh food. Hello Chef dispatch includes a big box with flavour. Clients can select from up to 16 recipes each week and meals take around 30 minutes, with all the measurements done for you accordingly. Follow instructions for healthy vegan food at home. One can also choose between family-friendly, vegan and low-carb meal plan options. Sample plan: Classic box includes four recipes for two people (eight servings) per week for Dhs348. Dhs43 per serving. Sample meal: Pan-fried salmon with green pea quinoa and basil pesto. For more information please visit or call +971 4 885 5758.

Livefreshr A flexible and affordable meal kit offers an assortment of dishes at home. There are kits available for solo diners up to six people, and clients can choose from three to six meals a week. The meal plan makes it easy to try various meals and takes the pressure out of picking what is requires to eat. One can select recipes from a choice of 20 different recipes each week and box of super fresh, hand-picked and pre-portioned ingredients (no food waste) arrive at door step. Sample plan: All Livefreshr plans cost the same, no matter your dietary preference. For four recipes and two people (eight servings) per week it would be Dhs306. Dhs38 per serving. Sample meal: Honey, harissa chicken with roasted carrot and jewelled cauliflower rice.

For more information Call +971 56 653 5507 or visit

Essentially Nobody knows how much juice can change their life until they go on a liquid cleanse diet. Like a meal plan firm, essentially delivers its goods to your doorstep with strict instructions on how glugging back drinks like black lemonade (it has charcoal in it) or cacao cashew (with Himalayan salt) will help your joints, skin and mood. Call +971 4 889 5753

Fruitful Day Fruitful Day curates between 15 and 20 different fruits and packages them together for communal dining. It also reckons about 4.5kg of fruit that is ideal for 20 employees. Call (04 883 5851) or visit:

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