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Fujairah Heritage Village

Fujairah Heritage Village


the rich Arabian heritage and culture, Fujairah has a number of historic sites and attractions which offer an exceptional sight into the lifestyle of the early settlers in the region.

Fujairah heritage village was created by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohamed, Supreme Council member and ruler of Fujairah, 1996. He gave importance to promote heritage and revive for the youth and future generations. The village Fujairah heritage of the most important historical and archaeological places not just attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world. It gives information to know the heritage and traditions of the peoples that lived in the area.


Fujairah Heritage Village is open for all museum where you can explore old Arabic traditions and experience the lifestyle of nomadic settlers in the region. A traditional rural house in Fujairah Heritage Village, showcasing Arab lifestyle. The Fujairah Heritage Village offers an exceptional insight into the history of the Arab region through its artistic displays. The houses built here are from the traditional architecture and materials used in the region. A few of the huts are made with bricks and mud while others are built with twigs and date leaves, presenting the simplicity of a rural lifestyle. The entire village also has various rooms with different day-to-day activities practised by the locals. They have traditional rural grocery shops, barbershops and more that visitors get to explore for an understanding of the early local life.


visitors can get a glimpse into the other routine activities and have a look at the cooking utensils and farming tools that were used by Arab villagers centuries ago. Fujairah Heritage Village also has beautiful handicraft items with intricate work made by local women. These handicrafts are displayed on the walls of small guestrooms in the village houses.

Visitors to the Fujairah Heritage Village can visit the irrigation system that was used in Arab farms for agriculture. The Al Yazrah irrigation system in Fujairah Heritage Village uses a bull to irrigate the crops.

The fort

on this site is interesting as it was constructed in 1967, the Fujairah Fort is located inside the Fujairah Heritage Village. The Fort is well-known to be the oldest fort of the UAE that was made with mud and bricks. The fort was built to protect the city against attacks and home to the ruling family of that time.

Locals at Fujairah Heritage Village have Qahwa (Arabic coffee), visitors can try the beverage. The coffee is made with crushed cardamom and other spices, giving it a strong aroma and a very unique taste. The traditional Qahwa or coffee is served hot in traditional cups and is complemented with dates.

Fujairah Heritage Village is located near Madhab Spring Park and Madhab Palace, Northwest Fujairah City, Fujairah.

Hours: 10:00 – 16:00

Contact: Fujairah Heritage Village Near Madhab Spring Park and Madhab Palace Northwest Fujairah City, Fujairah Fujairah – United Arab Emirates. Web:


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