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Farmbox was founded to

deliver fresh from farm to kitchen produce from both organic and conventional growers. They are committed to consistently provide the finest fruits and vegetables possible, and maintain strict farming standards and high regards to a sustainable environment.

FarmBox brings and delivers in all UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK) fresh seasonal organic fruits & veg from small family run farms. These are mainly from France, UK, Netherlands, Spain and Italy. The farmers have been growing Organic fruits and vegetables for over 20 years.

Those who have the intention to start good eating habits and don’t have the time to to food shop, can order from FarmBox. A weekly or bi-weekly subscription service with Farmbox can get freshly harvested organic fruits and vegetables and even organic free-range eggs to the doorstep all over Dubai. Their produce mostly comes from Europe -although there is also an option for organic and premium local fruits and vegetables- where it’s been nourished with rich nutrients and sunlight.

There are three different boxes with different sizes to choose from

(the empty boxes are collected and can be re-used). Depending on budget and preferences one can either pick the Garden’s Fruit Box (from 119 AED), Mum’s Veggie Box (from 149 AED) or Farmer’s Mix Box (from 149 AED). The content of each box changes on a weekly basis. The company has a website dedicated to innovative and simple recipes for the produce they supply. The blog also features all the contents of the boxes one week in advance and associated recipes. A recurring delivery system, Farmbox works on a subscription based model with an automatic recurring payment. Clients can order once on the website, select a plan and they will be charged automatically after each subsequent delivery. A choice is given to cancel, pause and resume anytime.

Farmbox allows people to get back to nature and letting the farm reach the doorstep with fruits and vegetable box delivery. They also encourage everyone not only to eat better and healthier food but also try different types of fruits and vegetables that they may never have eaten before. Farmbox delivers all over Dubai.

FarmBox wants organic to be available to all –

their boxes are often up to 10% cheaper than supermarket and with free delivery. One can forget unnecessary queuing time with their boxes delivered straight the doorstep. The second their produce shipment arrives within their premises, it’s directly distributed into boxes and delivered to clients doorstep the following day. Due to their subscription-only based model they know in advance the exact needed quantities, which allows them to avoid waste, ordering directly from the farms the right amount. The staff are very proud to have the shortest supply chain available in the UAE. It takes only 3 days for their produce to leave the farms to be delivered to any doorstep. Their organic produce has the Organic Certification and that conventional produce has very high standards certification as well.

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