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Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari

Park is home to over 2,500 animals and strives to be a leading tourist destination ‎worldwide, while maintaining best practices in animal welfare, nutrition and ethics.‎ Meraas is in charge for the management of Dubai Safari Park as part of an agreement with Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Safari works towards becoming one of the top ten zoos internationally, and a leading tourist destination ‎worldwide. The destination attracts a lot of recognition from the international community for its exceptional work in ‎maintaining a high standard of animal welfare, nutrition and ethical conduct.‎

Dubai Safari is a project introduced by Dubai Municipality, spread over 119 hectares offers ‎the best habitat for wildlife; diverse environment that suit various animals. People are welcome to explore the Arabian Village, Asian village, African village, enjoy the thrill and ‎exhilaration of an Open Safari or make new friends at the Children’s ‎Farm. People can relax by ‎the ‎valley and enjoy a picnic by the waterfall. They also have a show, one can engage in activities in the ‎‎theatre. ‎


main objective of the team is to conserve, by protecting and preserving wild animals and their immediate ‎environment.‎ They provide education, by supporting knowledge by sharing, awareness programs and sustainable ‎initiatives. With the help of research, they conduct various implementations and studies. The team is known for entertainment activities, they provide enjoyable activities and edutainment opportunities. ‎

The team is dedicated to implement best practices, techniques and methodologies that are essential for wildlife. Dubai Safari is a community facility that comes under Dubai Municipality, therefore, its vision is in sync with the UAE National Agenda 2021 which positions conservation and wildlife on the top of its priorities. Accepted and acknowledged – with government’s support, the team gains their qualities. The Dubai Safari, aims to provide a top-notch and sub line experience to all its visitors, and at the same time, enhance their knowledge of and relationship with animals.


Safari offers visitors to see, feel, experience, learn and enjoy in an outstanding journey that people have never experienced before. They have the largest reptile collection in Dubai and World’s first drive though crocodile exhibit, one can drive though lions, tigers, baboons, hippos, hyena, and antelope. The mixed pygmy hippo and Mandrill exhibit is here, the first moon bear exhibit is also in UAE. Get to see the Orangutan exhibit, Komodo Dragon Exhibit, White Lion pride on exhibit to public, this is also the only park in UAE to display 3 types of Lemur in UAE. Along with the largest group of baboons in the UAE, underwater viewing of the hippos, Giraffe feeding platform – Dubai Safari has the only cheetah race in UAE. The aim of Dubai Safari is to provide the best service experience for all its visitors and at the same time open doors to partnership relations with private and government sectors.

Dubai Safari is further under expansion in the coming years is expected that not only will the collection grow. Zoomobile is a unique Dubai Safari vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art learning tools and aids for children. Schools can request a visit by Zoomobile during school hours to provide students with a fun and engaging

opportunity to discover exciting insights on wildlife and wildlife conservation, with a special invitation to visit Dubai Safari with their families.

Dubai Safari plans to welcome both local and international interns passionate about wildlife and related fields including zoology, veterinary studies, conservation and zoo keeping in addition to principals in managing a zoo/park. To be eligible for an internship at Dubai Safari, interns must be between 15 and 25 years of age as we offer variety of coursers in: Basic Zoo keeping, Conservation, Veterinary Studies, Guide Training and in Management in Zoos.

Contact: Dubai Safari Park Al Warqa 5 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 800 900 Web:

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