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Dubai Golf Junior Programme At Butch Harmon School Of Golf

Dubai Golf Junior Programme at Butch Harmon School of Golf


sincerity, respect, sportsmanship and etiquette are a part of playing golf – these values benefit kids and adults. Butch Harmon School of Golf offers the precision sport that can teach them a lot more.

“Life and social skills are a big part of learning to play golf. It’s extremely beneficial for children at a young age to develop these types of attributes and characteristics, as it will benefit them on the long run and during day-to-day activities,” says Craddock.

Learning to play golf is a great way for children to socialise, acquire discipline and also enjoy a great outdoor activity in Dubai.


recommend starting as early as possible,” adds Craddock. “For example, the Dubai Golf Little Champions Programme is designed specifically for youngsters aged between four and six years old and is an ideal way to introduce your little ones to golf. Classes are limited to a maximum of six kids per instructor to ensure that safety and enjoyment are always paramount.”

For older kids, the Dubai Golf Junior Programme is designed for youngsters aged seven to 17 years old.

“Our programmes focus more on fundamental movement skills and athlete progression rather than sports-specific skills. This also provides children with the opportunity to develop their academic skills,” explains Craddock.

BHSG Dubai

is dedicated to serving young players grow and develop their skills, setting them on the path to becoming better golfers. Their Junior Program is delivered in a fun and dynamic way, to help instil a real passion for golf in their young players! Children will enjoy learning an assortment of skills that can be transferred to their golf education and will assist them progress more effortlessly in their game.

At BHSG Dubai, the team teaches according to biological rather than chronological ages, late bloomers and early developers are treated fairly and equally. Their exceptional and coloured hat-grading system are similar to that of marital arts belts, allowing all to show where the child is with regards to detailed physical and golf knowledge skills. All they require is to get started and be in comfortable shoes, shorts and a collared shirt. Golf equipment is provided, although they encourage the students to get their own clubs as they progress further in the game.

Butch Harmon School of Golf is located at The Els club in Dubai Sports City, Dubai, UAE. Butch Harmon is extensively regarded as the paramount golf coach in the world. With a viewpoint based on helping students understand their own distinctive game, the Butch Harmon School of Golf features state-of-the-art computer and video equipment to analyze a player’s swing.The Butch Harmon School of Golf at Dubai Sports City is the first school outside the United States, and complements its positioning with the Ernie Els Design signature golf course.

Contact: Butch Harmon School of Golf Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 50 298 7357 Web:

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