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Daphne S Play Centre

Daphne’s Play Centre

Updated: Mar 14

Petiquette UAE is a

service provided by Daphne’s Play Centre LLC. They offer home-based, positive training for pets by certified trainer/behaviorists. Servicing is available in all areas of Dubai!

Daphne’s Play Centre is completely indoor zone, keeping fur-kids safe from the harsh outside conditions that could pose health hazards. The facility utilizes the space optimally, and as a result, they offer one of the biggest spaces in the area in which pooches are free to play all day. The team organises movie time for the pets also can organise bubble parties. They have round the clock dog guardians on site. Daphne’s Play Centre has air-conditioning and temperature controlled atmosphere. They offer Nature’s Variety complimentary and Cold filtered bottled water is available at all times. The pets have spacious non-isolating pens that are completely transparent, undivided, roomy play space with soft EVA foam floors, not concrete. Daily 14-point health checks are also conducted.

The staff believes that any animal can be clicker trained and

feel pets enjoy a little mental enrichment in their home life. Along with cat and dog training and behavior modification services, Petiquette offer fun mental stimulation opportunities and trick training for other pets too (parrots, rabbits, ferrets, goats – you name it). Very good for pet-owner bonding as well as managing bored pets happy and settled in the home.

They treat Dog Behavior Modification, their Petiquette dog behaviorist and trainer can assist with a wide variety of training issues, from basic obedience training through to the more complex issues such as aggression. These include issues such as Anxiety, Agility (beginner level), Aggression, Appropriate child-dog interaction, Cat and dog interaction, Corpophagia, Destructive behavior (chewing/digging), Food stealing/counter surfing, Handling sensitivities, Hyperactivity, Impulse control, Inappropriate chasing/herding, Inappropriate elimination/toilet training etc.

Petiquette by Daphne’s Play Centre offer pet owners training support

on site at the facility, as well as home-service pet training and behavior modification support throughout the Dubai area. They use up to date, industry accredited and scientifically validated techniques, their trainers can assist pet to learn and make better choices through our rewards based training methods. The team promises high quality training, without the use of force, stress or intimidation. They choose positive reinforcement training which is also known as ‘force free’ or ‘choice based’ training, Positive Reinforcement considers animal behavior from a holistic and scientific point of view, focusing on the ‘big picture’ rather than just the short term suppression of behavior in order to gain a more sustainable outcome for the pet.

Petiquette supports multiple animal charities

throughout the Dubai Community, offering reduced ‘rescue rates’ to animals in need of training support as well as sponsoring local ‘adoption days’,helping best match dogs and owners for compatibility.

Packages & Prices:

*Prices are standardized for home visits throughout the Dubai area and do not vary based on zones. Additional charges apply for visits outside the Dubai area.


Weekdays: 08:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 18:00 (Closed: 13:00 – 14:30, Movie Time)

Weekends/Holidays: 10:00 – 17:00

Contact: Daphne’s Play Centre 20 7b St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 5 707 6196 Web:

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