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Cinnabon catering bons in various sizes are ready to be relished – Cinnabon is a bakery that is sure to impress and make every day sweeter. Right from Classic Rolls to CinnaSweetiesTM, it’s a delight with the assortment of irresistible indulgences.

Not easy to stay away from the allure of Cinnabon, this sweet treat envelopes all with the inviting scent of cinnamon and freshly baked smell. Creating a craving that guests have to indulge in, customers like that sweet aroma of Cinnabon® that makes something delicious is coming their way. Cinnabon branches offer one-of-a-kind, insanely delicious baked goods and specialty beverages. Cinnabon is a world-class brand with world-class economics, the company owns the cinnamon roll category, and they are looking for people to grow their legacy and “bake” goods. With more than 177 Cinnabon franchised bakeries located in enclosed malls.

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started with a father, a son to create the world’s greatest cinnamon roll from scratch. They created the sweet, cinnamon-spiced perfection that soon became the calling card of Cinnabon®. The father-son duo landed on the most magical combination of exceptional ingredients from across the globe, they knew they’d created the perfect recipe. So on December 4, 1985, they transformed their hard-earned dream into a delicious reality with the opening of the first Cinnabon® Bakery in the SeaTac Mall in Seattle, Washington. The original Cinnabon® cinnamon roll became an instant obsession. Till this day, the Cinnabon experience continues to grow to delicious new heights. The company now has branches in the nation and in over 50 countries worldwide, and the menu has also expanded to offer exciting, new ways for guests to enjoy the irresistible pleasure that only Cinnabon can provide.


is now one of the world’s most-recognized and sought-after brands. Their mission is to spread warmth – not only in bakeries, but also in community. Cinnabon® has partnered with several charities that reward deserving men and women for their selfless efforts. Their philosophy is to serve those who serve others. Keeping true to the values of the brand, Cinnabon® proudly supports Operation Gratitude and The DAISY Foundation™, among other philanthropic organizations.

Contact: Cinnabon Dubai Marina Mall, 2nd Floor Food Court، Al Marsa Street, Dubai Marina Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 6 052 2273 Web:

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