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Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee


as one of the world’s leading coffee brands, Caribou Coffee opened its coffee shop in February, 2014 in Dubai. The brand is familiar with coffee lovers. At Caribou Coffee, the team is passionate, hard working and believes in excellence.

With a few unique and distinguished settings all over Middle, guests have the opportunity to taste the wide range of Caribou Coffee’s roasts in an exquisite and comfortable setting. Caribou Coffee’s signature decor  worldwide is warm and welcoming. The new Caribou Coffee store named “Elite” presets its food offering including new breakfast options such as “Manakish”, “the famous Turkish “Simit” as well as other freshly made sandwiches. The place also offers a comfortable and relaxed experience and a wide range of coffees and a unique coffee brewing gadgets along with two levels of seating and an Al fresco option, making it the largest Caribou Coffee shop in UAE and the Middle East. By the end of 2014, Caribou will open more than 50 stores throughout the UAE.


Caribou Coffee allows guests to have the opportunity to experience and enjoy a new and exciting style of the brand. Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and a wide range of coffee roasts and food is inspired by Middle Eastern and Turkish cultures, to name a few. The “Elite” Caribou Coffee store includes a meeting room with a capacity of twenty people and a TV screen offering guests an opportunity to conduct business meetings in a relaxed atmosphere with a steaming cup of hot chocolate or their favorite Caribou Coffee beverage. Caribou Coffee offers a special kids menu and a play area while their parents have a meeting or relax with a friend.

Caribou Coffee’s elaborate menu has coffee handpicked by ‘Roastmasters’ that ranges from classic espresso beverages to specialty drinks to sparkling teas and juices. Caribou exclusively uses molten chocolate instead of the traditionally used powdered chocolate for its mocha beverages,

adding to its unique and distinctive taste. Caribou also offers a special menu for its health-conscious guests, including fresh food and beverages with fewer calories while maintaining the taste. The renowned “The Dream Factory” cheesecakes by “The Cheese Cake Factory Bakery” makes it yet another signature activity at Caribou are ‘Coffee Talks,’ with regular educational sessions where customers can learn about coffee, food pairings and more.

Contact: Caribou Coffee Ground Floor, Al Wafa Tower Next to Dubai Islamic Bank – Sheikh Zayed Rd Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 359 5044 Web:


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