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Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory


team Baby Sensory UAE creates a passion for learning in every pre-school child and shares their valuable knowledge with the parents. They provide the best conditions for children and parents to spend quality time together.

The team supports their vision on four pillars and lays focus on to offer the best in quality, imagination and variety across all their programs. They nurture children’s development and prepare them to benefit from all future education. The team provides a welcoming, state of the art learning environment and best service for the parents. They invite and attract outstanding class leaders, inspired to join us by a true passion for babies and children.

Baby Sensory has seem a gradual and an almost

entirely organic growth over the past 13 years. The growth has been mainly driven by the people who wanted to join either as teachers, franchisees or participants in the classes. The major focus has been on offering the best programs, and selecting a professional team, ready to adhere to the high quality standards. Nowadays, Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense classes are conducted in over 18 countries with nearly 700 venues worldwide, including India, China, Australia, USA, Russia and the UAE. Baby Sensory UAE has been established in September 2012. They currently provide Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense and Mini Professors classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


can discover the world for themselves and explore. Their exciting, action-packed program is designed to stimulate the brain development, as well as the socio-emotional, communication and motor skills. The themed sessions (e.g., Looking for Dinosaurs, Fire-fighters, or Pirates) provide magical worlds for toddlers, where they learn through play and fun!

Toddler Sense offers a structure of the sessions that will help prepare the children for school. Toddler Sense brings together sensory play, movement, imaginary play, a large repertoire of classical music, nursery rhymes as well as jazz, pop, rock, dances from different cultures, and a large variety of props. Much of the carefully selected equipment and many of the songs are unique to Toddler Sense. Toddler Sense is a developmental program for toddlers from 13 months.

Dr Lin Day had started the first Toddler Sense and Baby Sensory classes in 2003, in Great Britain. A proud mother of four, Dr Lin originally trained as a pediatric nurse, and later created and ran a hugely popular nursery school for 15 years. 

She is a renowned expert and published author within the fields of sensory and childhood development, and has been commissioned to write a series of articles about Baby Development for Early Years Professionals. A selection of her articles can be found at the centre.

The team members have the common passion to work with babies and children! They have been carefully selected and have fulfilled a rigorous training program, involving both practical and theoretical training.

Contact: Baby Sensory UAE Sunset Mall Jumeirah 3 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. P.O. Box: 336552 Tel.: +971 55 112 6983 Web:

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