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Arrows Sparrows

Arrows & Sparrows

Updated: Jan 12

Arrows & Sparrows

Arrows & Sparrows

Opened at the beginning of 2015, the team have received the support and identity that Friends Avenue has garnered in the local community, and the name have become a destination café that people trust and are looking to visit from afar. Friends Avenue Café has managed to create ‘a neat mixture of urban edge and domestic coziness’.


Arrows and Sparrows


Arrows and Sparrows

The founders of ‘Arrows and Sparrows’ are friends for more than 8 years now, their lasting friendship made them to set up business together in Dubai.

Sparrows are joyful, move in a clan, eat in clusters, and the space at the restaurant welcomes many friends, people coming together and enjoying their time spent over the delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Arrows & Sparrows is a second outlet from the team behind Friends’ Avenue Café in JLT.

Hours: Daily: 08:00 – 18:00

Contact: Arrows & Sparrows Dubai, Dubai Internet City, 4 a Street Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 04 558 8141 Web:


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