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Aqua Pod Is Worlds First Floating Marine Crafts Drivethrough Food Delivery Outlet

Aqua Pod is Worlds First Floating Marine crafts Drivethrough & Food Delivery outlet!

AADS announces its unique and latest awarded project, “Aqua Pod”. Innovative as always, Aquatic Architects Design Studio has come up with creative designs and concepts for floating developments, the awarded project is focused to be the first of its kind to ever be executed.

The project displays high creativity in function and design, it also sets high standards for floating developments with its exceptional sustainable features. A part of the core understanding at AADS and it’s cautious with the water environment and its responsive nature. The awarded project welcomes all to experience to float in Dubai waters. Aqua Pod is the world’s first-ever floating kitchen, which will be taking to the shores later this month. The yachts in the Aqua Pod vicinity will each be given a flag, which they wave frantically when famished – kind of like an SOS.

A speedboat will zoom past, take the order and deliver it on time all sizzling and fresh and all set to gobble. They have also planned a sail-in, for smaller marine crafts, such as jet skis or small boats, where guests can basically pull up at the pod and place their order with the cashier. The floating food truck was designed by Ahmad Yousuf, founder of Aquatic Architects Design Studio. Yousuf had announced that the Aqua Pod would initially start its operations in Jumeirah, covering areas such as Al Sufouh and Kite Beach. Aqua Pod intends to start by selling burgers and soon will branch out to pizzas and desserts depending on consumer demand.

This project was started back in May of last year, with the Aqua Pod taking three months to construct. It refines the idea of a food truck, found on land and is developed as a floating kitchen that serves people who are in marine craft rather than cars. The Aqua Pod is also built with sustainability in mind, it is going to be electrically run and will have a system that can collect trash found in the sea.

Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS) is the first architectural service provider, solely focused on water/floating developments. With experience expanded through their sister company in the Netherlands, Water Studio, AADS can offer proven solutions, dependability, and high performance to clients.

Contact: Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS) Dubai, DMC, Building No. 2 2nd Floor, Office EO 04 Tel.: +971 4 240 6593 e-mail: Web:

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