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Al Muteena Park

Al Muteena Park

With old Dubai charms, Deira district is an integral part of the area’s always bustling with activity. The zone has buzzing souks, popular coffee shops, top brands of restaurants. There are busy street corners, Deira is a unique quarter of the city with a vibrant atmosphere. Along with the hustle and bustle, the area is also home to the Al Muteena Park Dubai. This wide-spreading oasis that has greenery amidst the all the buzz.

The Al Muteena Park in Deira is a popular area for the residents to enjoy the tranquil space. It is a good place to spend time outdoors in the heart of Old Dubai. Popularly, Al Muteena Parks is ideal to go for a jog, have a relaxed walk, or gear up for some exercising. All those who don’t like to hit the gym can visit the park and make the most of the 1.3-kilometre walkway.  The entire walkway is lined with palm trees giving a the park a much cooler and ideal setting. Visit even during some of the warmer months and enjoy your time.

Take a break and grab a bite to eat at the park or carry fruits and sandwiches and enjoy a picnic. Have a feast at any of the several hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Al Muteena Park, Deira. This is an ideal spot for foodies, order from street cuisine specialities from Lebanon, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. The Kitakits Kafe and Klubb is a well-known Filipino nightclub is also located near the park. Other restaurants near the Al Muteena Park in Deira include Bombay to Mumbai Café, Al Safa Restaurant, Zahret Lebanon Restaurant, Karachi Darbar, Fiesta Pinoy, Kalpakavadi and Kabab Erbil Iraqi.

Al Muteena Park in main Al Muteena Street, Deira is open 24 hours a day. The park can be reached if you take RTA bus routes 10, C14, C7 and E303. It takes 3 minutes to walk to the park from the bus stop at the Al Muteena Branch of the Emirates Cooperative Society.

Muteena Park is not pet-friendly. The park has a kids’ play area for the little ones.

Al Muteena Park is a public park in Deira and there is no entry fee.

Hours: Sat – Fri: 00:00 – 23:59

Contact: Al Muteena Park in Deira Al Mateena St – Deira Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Web:  www.


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