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Afterlife Dubai

Afterlife Dubai

A Gastropub

Afterlife Dubai

AfterLife, the name also suggests “Life after death”. In a few religious views it is said that the spirit enters into a spirit realm and many others believe that there is reincarnation. AfterLife is definitely the place were all roads connect. The space has the ability to cater to all guests and welcome them to be set apart from venues around us.

Here at AfterLife the team takes pride in ‘the house’ along with the menu. Each little detail in the restaurant’s design and décor is carefully reviewed, considered and adjusted to make sure that it is the best in quality and design. The place is  ultimate in delivering a sophisticated and luxurious, yet welcoming setting for all guests. The

Afterlife Dubai

Their main objective is to provide an enjoyable environment for like-minded people, Afterlife Dubai welcomes all to an elegant space with vibrant décor, lively background music, tantalizing cocktail list, curated wine list, and friendly and efficient staff. Their menu is hosting a variety of Meze style portions over larger dishes that allow to provide the unique experience of many different flavors. Afterlife

Afterlife Dubai

AfterLife is the place for international cuisine, sheesha, food, drinks, and to avail the opportunity to experience the luxury at Souk Al Bahar.

Contact: Afterlife Dubai Souq Al Bahar Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 583 6777 Web:

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