Xstrike reopens in Dubai

by DubaiCity Author

Get xstriketo feel a bit of an ‘Action Man’ (or woman)? Always looking for a new adventure and fun challenge? Xstrike is the incredibly realistic live-action combat simulation concept set up in Al Quoz that has reopened its doors.

The action-packed destination is where combat simulation comes together with competitive gaming using top and cutting-edge technology of laser targeting with the intensity and gritty realism of live combat. This is not your average fun paint-balling or laser venue. The concept offers a combination of two without any of the mess (or next day’s bruises), using technology that ensures it’s as immersive and realistic as you can get to a real battlefield, in an entertainment destination.

Thexstrike venue is spread out over a massive 31,000 feet, and contains two playing fields, ‘Post-Apocalyptic City’ and ‘Abandoned Subway’. The settings resemble Hollywood-style movie sets. Additionally, there’s an authentic military-themed basecamp where you can start off. Get ready to jump, duck, dive and shelter by real cars, motorbikes and even an ambulance, as well as sandbags, industrial bins and derelict shops which serve as obstacles or cover, as you make efforts through the game ‘alive’.
Use a choice of realistic ‘weapons’, from snipers to rifles, you can be suited up in authentic military attire, the gear includes a camo sensory vest and sensory headband. You can also now get complimentary customised gloves with each session, to help improve your weapon-grip.

Celebrate xstrikethe reopening, Xstrike is all set to offer a free scope upgrade for the first 100 players. XStrike ‘utilizes weapons systems and software from iCombat, a US based industry leader in live-action combat simulation experiences.’ All the performances of each player and teams throughout the game will be showcased on a leaderboard screen. This means you can all see how you’ve played when the game is over. You can even compare your scores with other players across the world – up to 500,000 of them.

Following strict social distancing and extra sanitisation will be in place, to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.  Games are priced from Dhs89 for around an hour, with extra charges for add-ons to the basic equipment.

Sun – Thurs: 15:00 – 24:00
Fri – Sat: 15:00 – 24:00


1 6A St – Al Quoz
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: 800XSTRIKE, (800) 9787453
e-mail: info@xstrike.com
Web: www.xstrike.com

Photo courtesy: www.xstrike.com


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