Via Toledo, A Premiere Italian dining concept in Address Beach Resort

by Dubai City

Local tourists describe Via Toledo as something bold and fabulous. This luxury restaurant is at the Address Beach Resort. Apart from that, this dining concept is inspired by the cosmopolitan city of Vienna, Austria, rather than Italy. It creates an immense attention due to its myriad Neopolitan-style pizzas.  Not to mention its amazing selection of wines too. This innovative establishment is under the supervision of chef and pizza connoisseur Francesco Calo.  He seeks to provide guests with an authentic Italian dining experience that pays homage to the superiority of original Neapolitan pizza. Moreover, the one-of-a-kind pizzas and wines are both featured on the new location’s menu.

What makes it special?

In addition, the ingredients are the driving force behind every restaurant’s success. And this establishment is no exception. Their pizza achieves a perfect balance of digestibility and lightness. Thanks to their one-of-a-kind blend of self-crafted flour, “Intensa”, which lends it a distinct flavour. Moreover, it is then embellished with exquisite toppings. Ranging from beluga caviar to alba white truffle and even 24k gold for an extra special touch. Furthermore, these efforts earned them the title of “Best Italian Pizza Chef in the World” in 2019, as well as “Best Pizza in Austria” on two consecutive years. That is according to the esteemed Italian ranking of 50 Top Pizza.

The Menu

Furthermore, Via Toledo not only offers the most exquisite Italian dishes, but each item on its extensive menu also comes with expertly curated wine pairings. These wonderful wines come from Via Toledo’s selection of fine vintages. Over time, Via Toledo has been devoted to recreating the taste, tradition, and aroma of yesteryear in its products. According to their website, pizza traditionally consisted of a flatbread made from wheat and without yeast, adorned with oil, anchovies, cheese and tomatoes and baked in a wood-fired oven. Its pizzaiolo were the ones who prepared the dough.

There’s More

Finally, Via Toledo is also where culinary arts combine immense creativity, research and technique without changing traditional flavours. Its main courses are in perfect Italian style but loyal to its revolutionary vision. Furthermore, its beverages are not just simple side drinks. It is from their refined mixing of signature cocktails to the wines that best represent great contemporary Italian and international vineyards. Please click here to view its complete menu that defines them as the most extraordinary Italian culinary experience of all time.

Daily: 18:30 – 02:00

Via Toledo Enopizzeria
Address Beach Resort, The Walk
irah Beach Resort
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 545 9278

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