URLA, A Mediterranean-Inspired Restaurants In Downtown Dubai hotel

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URLA is a new restaurant that brings high-octane energy, glamour and unmistakable flavors to the city’s heart. According to its website. It is named after the town of Urla. It is gastronomical heart of the West Coast of Turkey. URLA’s culinary roots celebrate the flavor and vibrant storytelling, encompassing the best of Aegean cuisine. Apart from that, it draws influence from surrounding landscapes as well as Greece and Spain. In addition, the town of Urla is all about fresh ingredients, artisanal food and high-spirited people. URLA elevates traditional into contemporary, combining the best parts of the Aegean into each dish and throughout the menu.

The Place

URLA is in the same space formally occupied by Zeta at Address Downtown. It astounds diners from the moment they pass through its archway and onto the special dais that makes up most of URLA’s sophisticated restaurant space. Moreover, it has a large alfresco terrace that provides one of the best views of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains from an elevated vantage point away from the hubbub of The Dubai Mall below. Not only that, Urla is understated with rustic hints, cozy warm tones and a vibrant yet welcoming ambience. As night falls, the place transitions into a venue to see and are seen.

The Menu

URLA is proud to discover a unique culinary offering that strays from the choices of burrata and fritto misto. Instead, the menu has two sections representing the best of land and sea, boasting a collection of appealing dishes that draw inspiration from the Aegean coasts of Spain, Greece and the West of Turkey. Its traditional dishes include a boujee Caviar Brioche (three dainty pieces of toasted butter brioche with heaps of glistening caviar that delivers a decadent buttery mouthful). Seafood lovers will relish the Shrimp Kiss  (caviar is the highlight to a trio of deep-fried croquettes, generously filled with shrimp to perfectly reflect the dish’s name). Guests can view its complete menu here.

Cocktails and Drinks

Lastly, URLA was around the concept of a coastline, with curved features and a palette of white and blue. It has a large selection of wines carefully selected by its wine sommelier. The cocktails look delicious with edible flowers and fresh fruit. Furthermore, drawing influence from wines and coastal sunsets. URLA welcomes guests to transition from dusk until dawn. With stylish evenings accompanied by funky lounge beats. The stunning venue was designed around the concept of a coastline, the arc of the terrace paying homage to the curve of a sunset, while the surrounding colors and textures explore the myriad of summer season wines, from soft blush hues to deep cabernet. Know its complete cocktails and drinks menu here.

Mon – Thurs: 15:00 – 3:00
Fri – Sun: 13:00 – 3:00

URLA Restaurant
Fountain Level, Address Downtown Hotel
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 52 554 5997
Web: https://www.urlarestaurant.com/

Photo courtesy: https://www.urlarestaurant.com/


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