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Third Wave Café in Al Barari

by DubaiCity Author

SEVENTHal barari HEAVEN is an exclusive development that is award-winning, unique design featuring stepped layers, taking inspiration from the nature.

Get to taste custom-made beverages and plant-based delicacies. Visit this new coffee house in Dubai, and check out the treats they have on offer. Third Wave Café is in Al Barari, with outstanding views of the soothing river and green settings, have a drink make by a specialist who knowns “coffee mixology and bespoke brewing”.

Serving a full coffee menu, and the team lays emphasis on each and every feature of coffee making process, right from the bean to the perfect cup. Third Wave Café takes inspiration from a Kissaten – a Japanese tea house.

Owned al barari coffeeby an Emirati resident, also famous as the ‘Bespoke Barista’, has launched the venture showcasing his passion and love of coffee and the Japanese tea drinking culture. He is also a proficient barista, and has used his knowledge to boost the procedure – leading to bespoke drinks that one must want to check out.

Third Wave has the basic elements of the coffee-making process such as the bean type, water, temperature, pressure and flow rate to get the right grinder size creating the coffee’s chemistry to create curated and specialty drinks that customers love.

The team wanted to offer more than the ‘normal’ flavours and unique aromas clients expect. They make use of new techniques and challenge the customs to stimulate taste buds. the farmThey operate with all trained mixologists who are talented to transform various elements to appeal to the customers taste too, making each experience unique.

The menu is entirely vegan, and there are also sufficient plant-based treats including coffee cakes, tofu snacks, banana bread and more.

Try their signature drinks made with oat milk, or black coffees including Amaro and Al Barari Long There’s also a range of “designer teas” to try.

“Since its inception, I’ve witnessed Al Barari nurturing the physical and emotional needs of its residents who take much pleasure from our waterfalls and sprawling grounds, a sanctuary of peace in our bustling city. seventh heavenI also maintain that engagement with nature is a crucial aspect of child development, helping the new generation to form a comprehensive understanding of our world,” said Nadia Zaal, CEO at Al Barari.

SEVENTH HEAVEN is an exclusive development that takes inspiration from the rugged mountains that is visible on the country’s coastline. From the Arabic word meaning ‘wilderness’, Al Barari is the region’s first integrated luxury and active eco-conscious development.

Third Wave Café
Seventh Heaven, Al Barari
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 52 958 8951

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