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The Mattar Farm Kitchen

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The Mattar the matter farmFarm delivers smoked deli meats – Dubai’s home-grown artisan smokehouse is tucked away in the centre of Dubai, lies The Mattar Farm Kitchen. Bringing joy and happiness, The Matter Farm believes in doing it the old-fashioned way. The Mattar Farm is passionate about creating smoked cuisine.

Massive fan of all things barbecue? Hattem Mattar of Mattar Farms prepares dishes on the menu that includes pastrami brisket and wings, as well as flame-grilled long peppers with sea salt, Datterino tomato and baby basil, aged balsamic and grilled corn on the cob, plus confit red onion and tarragon salad.

The the matter farmrestaurant has a spacious terrace that is great to sit around and to enjoy sweeping views across the Madinat waterways.  Dubai’s renowned Mattar Farm Kitchen has now launched delivery of its house-made smoked deli meats across the city.

A home-grown UAE brand, The Mattar Farm Kitchen and founding pitmaster Hattem Mattar are well-known in the Emirates’ pop-up and catering scene. Fans relish smoked-to-order deli meats that can get them delivered straight to their homes in Dubai, as the brand expands its remit to deliver quality produce to everyone staying indoors.

They’re a third culture kitchen, in the UAE, thatthe matter farm has its roots in the American South, but infused with local spices,’ says founder Hattem Mattar. The faint aroma of woodsmoke, along with a chorus of goat-like bleats and the tinny squawk of a chicken or two offers the first indication that there’s something ever so slightly unusual going on behind the gates of Hattem Mattar’s villa in Al Barsha, Dubai.

Mattar Farm Kitchen is a home-grown, ­family-run smokehouse, specialising in handcrafted Texan-style barbecue meat (primarily brisket), cooked low and slow, until tender, melting and delicious. Enjoy fresh beans, vegetables and a weekly dose of meat here.

Orders can be placed over the phone or via WhatsApp on 052-MATTARS (6288277) or through Mattar Farm Kitchen’s Instagram @themattarfarm, with delivery taking place once a week across the city.

Deli meats can keep for two weeks in the refrigerator, and keep for three to five days once opened.

The Mattar Farm Kitchen

Mina Jebel AliJebel Ali Industrial
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 52 628 8277

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