The London Project in Bluewaters Island

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The London Project is a trendy restaurant on Dubai’s Bluewaters Island. With travel and hospitality now fully returning to their former glory, The London Project team felt that Dubai, London and Barcelona would be the most fitting areas for expansion due to their buzzing hospitality scenes. The management also believes that post-Covid, these locations are screaming out for something that subverts the stagnated, stuffy restaurant and bar experience. As its website published, This is London. Not in place but by the grace of essence. London, because it strives for harmony indifference: embracing the beauty found in each example of global culture. London because its compassionate heart is stripped in art, lost in the music and devoted to incredible food. This is everyone’s London. This is The London Project.

The Story

The London Project is a new concept set to offer a restaurant and bar within the venue. Designed by Julian Peter Floyd, The London Project consists of a “living ground floor dining bar” and a gin garden for what the team is calling an “immersive dining destination”. For each London Project destination, there are exciting collaborations in the pipeline, which will be unique to each venue. In the minute detail of the curated artworks or the wild epicurean fancy in each plate that leaves the kitchen. If the guests are attentive, they can hear the hidden narratives in the playlists and spot themes within its themes. Moreover, the soul is authentic, meaningful, and deliberate. It yearns to leave the legacy of a better world. It is London in fashion, food, art, music, inclusivity and taste. It is London in all but place.

The Foods

On the food side, the restaurant engages with some fantastic Michelin star chefs across several cuisines added to the portfolio of The London Project brands. The menu is themed around interpretations of London’s current food scene, with an eclectic mix of dishes expected to be delivered from the open kitchen. In addition, the full buzzing palate of Camden’s street eats, refined by Mayfair’s polished flair, colliding plate-first with the thrilling modern cuisine of a Shoreditch kitchen, are served to its guests. It deals in Thamesian tapas and dishes derived from a cosmopolitan cookbook of secret family recipes. Moreover, the food is curated and created by a team of young and talented world-class chefs hungry to feed everyone’s appetite and satisfaction. Some of its best menus are the following: The 300g US Tenderloin Steak (burnt shallot | garlic parsley butter), Australian Angus Fillet 195 Sausage Roll (burnt shallot | puff pastry | smoked mash potato), and The 300g US Angus Ribeye Steak (burnt shallot | garlic parsley butter). Please click here to view its complete menu and details.

The Cocktails

On the beverage side, the restaurant has employed the number one mixologist in London to work on the bar and distillery experiences like no other. The London Project drinks cabinet is a bar stocked with well-travelled bottles. “We’re interested in tipples and sips, shots and tots from all over the globe. We are unashamedly big on bold and vibrant flavours. The ‘that’ you haven’t tried before.” the website published their brand description of their drinks and cocktails menu. Please click here to view the complete drinks and cocktails menu.

Mon – Fri: 12:00 – 00:00
Sat – Sun: 12:00 – 01:00

The London Project
Bluewaters Island
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 54 306 1822

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