Taxim Cafe, Home of the best Turkish Street Food in Dubai

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What makes Dubai one of the best cities in the world is not just the highest, tallest, biggest engineering marvels but the different international cuisines served in many restaurants here. It defines diversity and represents culture, ethnicity, religion and race. Dubai is a “united nation” of food and delicacy. In addition, authentic recipes and dishes are served in high-end and quick-served restaurants. Chefs worldwide gather to offer their unique talents to develop gastronomical dishes that residents and tourists love through the years.

Taxim Café is a Turkish restaurant that offers a combination of the best-handpicked street food from Turkey and the perfection of friendly and warm service, making the place an ideal dining destination in Al Barsha 1, Dubai. Turkish dishes are one of the best because the food is measured by its diversity, longevity, and legacy left behind by the imperial kitchen. Taxim Café has a vibrant atmosphere, embracing its collaborative way of perceiving its guests’ wants. It is willing to be engaged in the community, where its ultimate goal is to offer a place where diners can freely talk casually over delicious foods on the table.

Whether a personal or corporate lunch or dinner, TaximCafe prepares a wide selection of menus from which everyone can choose. For veggie-lovers, Gavurdagi Salatasi is a perfect choice. It is a traditional Turkish salad with crunchy walnuts and a touch of sumac powder. Tavuk Shish Kebap is also a popular Business lunch menu. It’s a char-grilled chicken cube served on lavash bread and rice and sided by parsley sumac flavoured onions. Taxim Specials are truly irresistible. The lamb shoulder and lamb shank are both pre-orders required. It’s a very tender and juicy slow-cooked served with a vegetable mix. Along with it are Eggplant Kebap, Asado, Lokkum Rolls, Beyti Kebap, Doner Portion and the famous Iskended Kebab, a traditional Turkish tase beef doner, served with yoghurt and iskender sauce. Please click here to view its entire menu.

According to an article, traditional Turkish food is described as the continuation of Ottoman Empire cuisine. In addition, the Ottomans fused Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Balkan cuisines to create one of the world’s most diverse and influential cuisines. These embody Taxi Café. On its official website, its loyal customers do the talking thru reviews. According to Sami Wade, a regular of Taxim Café. “Been to this stunning place many times over the last years. Tonight I have to say. It was good as it ever was. Superb  food, exceedingly good staff.”

Daily: 12:00 – 00:00

Taxim Café
Dawoud Abdulrahman Building Shop
No. 4 Al Barsha – Al Barsha
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 401 8142

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