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Tart Bakery

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Specialty Tart Bakeryin French gourmet breakfast, lunch, desserts and catering – Tart Bakery brought the concept of the modern baked Tart to the city of Dubai in 2015. The launch of Tart Bakery’s first outlet in the upscale La Mer Jumeirah-1 Area was seen in March 2018.

Reputed to be one of the leading bakeries in Dubai the staff has witnessed consumer base expanded, setting an example for other bakeries to emulate their success.

Tart Bakery’s Management works hard and tirelessly to provide premium quality, authentic French pastries, and bakery items, light snacks along with hot and cold beverages that will satisfy the cravings of customers. The team plans to make Tart Bakery famous as an authentic French patisserie and cafe, where customers can pick mouthwatering tarts, pastries, innovative hot and tart bakerycold beverages and satisfying light snacks. Customers will be served by friendly, efficient and cheerful staff. Tart Bakery offers premium services and quality catering services ideal for meeting and also events. With a passion for exceptional service and the delicious food, their team takes care of any request to ensure clients get the most professional experience. They offer an assortment of freshly baked pastry, finger foods, delicate pastries salad with their signature tart. These can be served at events and to create a good impression on guests.

The history of tarts can be all the way back to 500BC and the Greek Physician Aegimus. Originally tarts were preparedtart bakery with superior ingredients and were considered a delicacy meant exclusively for the aristocratic class. With rich historical legacy Tart Bakery is a patisserie that has entered the food market. The brand aims to perfect the art of tart and allow people to experience and relish it. Their café is focused on tarts supplemented by other dishes and beverages. The bakery primarily focuses on providing a variety, and unique assortment of tarts that are presently not easily available to the dessert lovers of Dubai. Tart Bakery specializes in a delectable assortment of pastries.

Tart Bakery

La Mer Jumeirah-1 Area
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 353 5111
Web: www.tartbakery.com

Photo courtesy: www.tartbakery.com


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