Tan Cha, Dubai’s Luxurious Chinese Restaurant & Late Night Lounge

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Tan Cha reflects the highly urbanised Hong Kong’s downtown blended with a touch of Dubai’s elegance and luxury. A cross-cultural ambience offers unique gateways to authentic Chinese cuisine using modern cooking techniques and mastered presentation. Its opulent environment and lively character allow every guest to have a memorable and electrifying leisurely evening. Tan Cha promises a distinct sense of arrival as it welcomes guests with amusement as they step inside.

This authentic Chinese restaurant is located at JW Marriot Marquis Dubai, A five-star hotel with 1,608 luxurious rooms beside the Dubai Water Canal. Tan Cha is one of 12 award-winning restaurants situated in one of the world’s tallest buildings. Its space is known for its lively interior with a vibrant colour palette and linear forms inspired by Hong Kong’s architectural density and depicting Chinese cultural influences. Moreover, guests are allowed to explore dishes that show mastery of the cuisine by the industry’s leading culinary experts.

Recently, Executive Chef David Pang joined Tan Cha after his previous role at the two Michelin star restaurant A.WONG in London. Chef Pang holds an impressive resume and training throughout Asia. With a range of specialities, including modern authentic Chinese cuisine, Szechuan, Shanghainese and Far East Asian. David’s attention to detail, creativity, and passion for meticulous presentation skills keeps the restaurant’s reputation high at the culinary forefront.


Tan Cha Menus are based on adventure, knowledge and desire. Thus, its innovative and immersive taste experience across its dishes elevated Chinese-inspired cuisines. The Whole Peking Duck is first on the list. It is a classic crispy-skinned Peking duck served the Tan Cha way with sweet bean sauce, Foie Gras Sauce and preserved lemon sauce. Its Duck menu is served with a complimentary course of either: Stir-fried duck udon noodles & Xo sauce, Lettuce wrap & minced duck, Half Peking duck, Black Truffle “Pi Pa” Duck, Tea smoked crispy skin chicken, Vegetarian shredded duck,

Guests’ first plate menu consists of Royal Wasabi Prawn (Crispy whole large prawns tossed in Wasabi Mayo and dressed with mango salsa and tobiko). Softshell crabs and Buttered Oatmeal (served in Wok-fried buttered oatmeal and chilli. Diners who love Dimsum will enjoy Salmon Prosperity Salad, As Wagyu beef carpaccio with citrus dressing and many others.

Rice and Noddles

It is not an authentic Chinese restaurant if it doesn’t serve these menus: Stir-Fried Seafood, Udon, Stir-Fried Duck, Udon Noodle & Xo Sauce. Wild mushrooms and mixed vegetable noodles, Fried rice plum candied chicken with mango salsa, Truffle fried rice, egg fried rice, and steamed rice.

Tan Cha is an iconic nod to tradition. Its private dining space has the famous Chinese birdcage known for its refined materials and beautiful artistry used as a window to the kitchen and dim sum pass and theatrical service point. Seize with cunningly curated cocktails and beverages that are available ready to elevate the excitement giving every guest a night to remember.

Sun-Thurs: 18:00 – 2:00
Fri-Sat: 18:00 – 3:00

Tan Cha
JW Marriott Marquis Hotel
Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 56 681 8881
Web: https://tanchadubai.com/

Photo courtesy: https://tanchadubai.com/


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