Tamoka is Calling!

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Eager to experience an extraordinary beach adventure? You should check out this place! Escapades don’t get much more vibrant than this! Tamoka is set to be in a magical location where Dubai Jumeirah sands meet uninterrupted views of the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf and Ain Dubai. It is an eccentric beachfront destination that relaxes the soul and inspires the senses.  Are you ready to join and Tamokan tribe and clutch the Antillean seas’ spirit?

By the Seashore

Tamoka and her little sister Caña are located at the scenic spot of Al Mamsha Street, The Walk- right next to Dubai’s Marina District. Enter through private access that is just beside The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Discover this new and exciting seaside restaurant set on Dubai’s white Jumeirah Beach Residence beside the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, and take in spectacular views of Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel, and  Palm Jumeirah’s globally renowned archipelagos.

Culinary Adventure

A culinary journey in this great tourist spot gives you a  little slice of Latin America on the shores of the Gulf.  It boasts a menu that spans the best flavors of San Jose, Tulum,  and Lima towards Cartagena, Caracas, Panama City, and onwards to the Caribbean islands.

This many-hued array of unique dishes embraces both ice and fire and ice. Get fascinated as you indulge yourself in the finest mixed seafood and meats cooked over an open fire (barbacoa). You can also choose from an impressive selection of fresh Ceviches and Crudo at Tamako’s  Ceviche bar where Peruvian techniques are used to blend unique flavors.

Stay true to the tradition of bringing people together with great food! Tamako also is proud of its Native Wood Grill that gives distinct flavors to their cooking.  The cooks fire it up in the morning and burn it long into the night, using coconut husks and sustainable woods and coconut husks making their dishes unforgettable with their smoky chargrilled taste.  Give in to an exotic selection of desserts that includes nuts, rich chocolate,  tropical fruits,  and native rum flavors – all ingredients native to Latin America. Finally,  fully embrace the diversity of this colorful experience, it is highly encouraged to share all these dishes with your “tribe!”

Chilling at the Bar

Experience the barefoot beach vibe of ‘Caña by Tamoka’,  ‘Palapa’ beach bar. Drift off to the sounds of the ocean, indulge in delicious snacks, and discover exciting mixology – all from Latin America. Caña by Tamoka is a great easy-going beach destination for a lazy day or a sunset moment or a lazy lounge day.


Tamoka is open from 12:00 to 20:00 every day.  Come discover a ritual of celebrations for your spirit. Dare to be bold, playful, and carefree, and find your tribe!

Al Mamsha Street, Dubai Marina,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +97143186099
e-mail: reservations@tamokadubai.com
Web: www.tamokadubai.com
Photo courtesy: 
www.tamokadubai.com  whatson.ae  


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