Take a Tour to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

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Framed incongruously by highways, this amazing sanctuary on Dubai Creek is a very important stopover for migratory waterbirds on east Africa–west Asian flyway.  Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) have become something of a mascot for Dubai’s Wild Life protection program.  When you look closer you can also see among the mass of pink feathers reef herons, grey herons, great egrets, black-winged stilts, cormorants, osprey, sandpipers, and more colorful bird species.  Keen bird watchers can spot approximately 170 species.


Ras Al Khor Wildlife sanctuary is expansive and also serves as a breeding ground for crustaceans, mammals, and fish yearly. It is also a thriving community of about 266 species of fauna and 47 kinds of flora. It is a diverse ecosystem since the wetland encompasses lagoons, salt flats, mangroves, and mudflats. 

Ras Al Khor seems to be a gift to nature lovers, both present and potential, since experiencing a natural environment is limited in the fast building-up emirate.

Being close to wildlife is a refreshing feeling. It gives you a sense of wonder, a rekindled spirit for discovery, and a spark of enthusiasm.  Research says that being in nature, or even viewing nature scenes of nature, reduces stress, anger, and fear, and increases good feelings. Nature exposure also contributes to your physical wellbeing, and not just emotional. It reduces blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate,  and stress hormones production.  Because humans find nature inherently interesting, we can naturally focus on what we are experiencing out in nature. This also provides a respite for our overactive minds, refreshing us for new tasks.

‘Cape of the Creek’

Urban Haven

Ras Al Khor was established in 1985 and on March 1, 1998, was declared as a protected area. The Dubai Municipality closely monitors and protects Ras Al Khor. The sanctuary is fenced off to safeguard the area. However, there are three bird hides located on the perimeter of the sanctuary. Essentially, it is a way to allow visitors and nature lovers to admire the birds in their habitat while maintaining the quality of the area for its winged residents. 

The reedbeds, mangroves, mudflats, sabkhas, lagoons, and shrubs form a magnificent wetland coastscape.

Part of the reserve is free for the public to access and enjoy. Visitors should inform the Environment Department, the Marine Environment and Wildlife section, and therefore the Dubai Municipality before they visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

The best time to go to Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary is during the winter months between October and March. Over 30,000 birds coming from West Asian and African countries make this sanctuary their home when Winter is coming. Also, it’s the season when pink flamingos occupy a special place in this beautiful land.

Conserve and Protect Wildlife

The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure the survival of these species and to educate people on sustainable living with other species.

People can reach out to national and international organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the United Nations work to support wildlife conservation.

Continue to Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Wildlife is part of nature, and it is just important that humans take action in preserving it for the generations to come. Wildlife is part of the world’s ecosystems, and it provides stability and balance to nature’s processes. If we learn how to conserve wildlife, we can relish sanctuaries created by the teeming species of a variety of animals, which are pleasant to the eye and are beneficial for relieving our stresses from every day’s turmoil.

Winter Season  – 7:30 to 17:30
April to September – 6:00 to 18:00

Ras Al Khor Road, Ras Al Khor
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: + 971 4 2215555
e-mail: , info@dm.gov.ae
Web: www.dm.gov.ae

Photo courtesy: www.dm.gov.ae  www.worldarchitecturenews.com www.novotel-Dubai-world-trade-centre.com curlytales.com


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