Take a Bite of Euphoria with Mama Rita’s Food Delight

by DubaiCity Author

Food should bring warmth and joy to the hearts of those who seek the feeling of home inside the busy streets of Abu Dhabi. Restaurants inside the city launch different schemes, almost every week to make people come their doorsteps, but a few have succeeded in imparting euphoria from a bite. This is why Mama Rita is here to serve you delights that you deserve. 

Mama Rita is a popular food delivery system whose brainchild was the partnership of Mother Rita and her daughter, Jessica Kahawaty. The theme, simple yet affordable, healthy and home-cooked meals, was all carefully selected from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and International cuisines. Inspired from a child perspective, Jessica thought that her experiences growing up were filled with love and care from Mama Rita. This became one of her goals as a humanitarian; to make others feel the love of a mother wherever you are. 

With scattered chains in different parts of Dubai, Mama Rita has taken new heights to conquer, yet again, the city. On March 2021, Mama Rita launched its newest chain in Abu Dhabi- and so fans of Mama Rita cannot hold back their excitement anymore. Famous menus such as Beetroot Hummus, Vegetarian Lasagna, Beef Stroganoff, Spinach and Beetroot Fatayer, and oh my! – Marinated Shawarma Platter, were starred in the opening. Mouthwatering healthy dishes such as Quinoa Salad, Mama’s Fattoush, and The Superfood Kale Salad were also included in the menu. 

Mama Rita also does not disappoint those who love a little bit of touch of a guilty pleasure. Pasta lovers can also order Basil Pesto Pasta, and The Original Lasagna. The menu also includes Peanut Butter Chicken, an African inspired dish. Do not also forget some of their popular items, the Oven-Baked Chicken and Potato dish, Knefe, and the Mama’s Special Carrot Cake, with distinct hints of pineapple and coconut flavor. 

The authenticity of the Mama Rita is what sets it apart from other restaurants. The people are at the very heart why Mama Rita incessantly evolved through the years. More than anything, they are hopeful in conveying a message of relief and break, which can all be felt when you finally came home from work and immediately greeted with the appetizing aroma of freshly cooked dishes, just like what your mama cooked at home.

Al Quoz – Al Quoz Industrial Area 4,
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +971 4 204 9232
Web: https://mamarita.com

Photo courtesy:  https://mamarita.com



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