TABŪ, A high-end Japanese culinary journey

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TABŪ is a high-end modern Japanese restaurant brought to life by the Infini concepts. It brings Dubai’s diners a unique new culinary experience, complete with an unexpected theatrical twist and artistic finesse. The new talk of the town restaurant is on the 23rd floor at The St. Regis Downtown, with stunning views of the city’s skyline and the Burj Khalifa. Although the venue features an expansive stage, TABŪ does not identify as a ‘dinner-show venue’. Its theatrics aren’t limited to just the performances. The new Japanese restaurant is an unexpected, avant-garde dining experience.

The Ambience

According to an article, the restaurant’s interior is inspired by the back-alley Tokyo scene, Yokocho, a type of hidden restaurant/ bar in today’s Japan – contemporary yet mystical, featuring a streamlined, aerodynamic, underground Japanese design. By adding unexpected elements and furniture selection, TABŪ delivers a timeless, rich atmosphere with a strong presence of Japanese aesthetics. The new Japanese restaurant in Dubai has incredible world-class entertainment with diverse theatrical elements, which aren’t limited to just the performances.

The Menu

TABU guests will enjoy authentic Japanese flavours with a playful twist. Chef  Roberto Segura constantly experiments with innovative culinary approaches to ensure that Dubai diners are intrigued with unique textures and flavours, interactive live cooking, and various recipes that will have them appreciate the beautiful art behind TABŪ’s dishes. Some of these luscious dishes are Salmon tataki maki, furikake, balsamic pearls, and passion fruit. The guest must also try Wagyu beef slider, raw Wagyu beef, miso truffle sauce, chicken kasena, gochujang, and Korean chilli mix. Please click here to view its complete list of food, dessert and beverages menus.

The Concept

In an interview with the founder & managing director of Infini concepts, he wanted to stay on trend as Dubai adapted dining ideas with live shows and music. “Entertaining dining is very much in demand. When we opened Billionaire in 2016, the stage was half the size it is today. At TABŪ, we didn’t want to be another show-driven venue, but we wanted to offer a different sort of passive entertainment. The icons of Japanese culture. Our stage is more of a catwalk than a stage, which helps us link each side of the venue.”

The Theatrics

TABŪ is an unconventional story. A flawless, unique, artistically crafted, world-class entertainment experience. The diverse theatrical elements are a mix of an immersive and elaborate, a passive and understated experience where its theatrics aren’t limited to just ‘a show’. The entertainment is present all the time, everywhere you look, where guests least expect it. Reality can get confusing at TABŪ. Guests may even lose the notion of time. Furthermore, It prepared a list of events that make every dining experience more exciting. Please click here to check what awaits every guest when they visit TABŪ in Dubai.

Sun – Fri: 18:00 – 02:00
Sat: 19:00 – 02:00

The St Regis Downtown, Business Bay
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 52 950 1309

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