SHI, Highlighting Traditional Oriental Dishes

by Dubai City

SHI is the first to plate high-end, gourmet Chinese cuisine on the impeccable Bluewaters locale in Dubai. Offering a sophisticated atmosphere and incredible culinary experiences. In addition, it reminiscent of the upscale destinations in Hong Kong or Shanghai. The venue promises to give each guest a story to tell after their visit. While Zhen Wei and the newly opened Demon Duck at Caesars Palace Dubai both offer high-end Chinese cuisine on Bluewaters, Shi is the first gourmet Chinese restaurant on the main island.

The Ambiance

Moreover, guests will walk into a setting featuring soft, intricate lighting, eclectic décor, glamourous art and lavish surrounds. It is completed with a relaxed, luxurious vibe. The breeze beckoned, and we decided to dine al fresco at a table. Apart from that, it is perfectly positioned to offer striking sights and jaw-dropping views. With luxury at the heart of every element of the SHI experience, guests are provided with not only a unique gastronomical journey but an incredible social ambience. On the ground floor, guests will be immediately immersed in the five-star experience SHI offers. An open kitchen gives diners a remarkable insight into the culinary magic plated at SHI, whilst sushi chefs bring their expertise to the dining area for a show.

The Menu

According to its website, SHI promises a high-calibre menu of unedited Cantonese cuisine, internationally sourced wines, and smoothly delicious shisha. Moreover, it makes each visit to SHI remain remarkably unique yet distinctly luxurious. Some of its popular menus are Signature seafood & tofu claypot, a Wild jellyfish salad with Japanese sesame oil, Signature Peking duck with black caviar, and Signature rice stone pot with mixed vegetables for certified vegan diners. Fish and Seafood are also favorites in SHI. Diners must try Grilled Chilean sea bass with honey sauce, Wok scallops with asparagus in XO sauce, and the Alaskan snow crab with black pepper & ginger sauce. Dimsum is a Chinese signature dish, and Shi had the best recipes. These are Chicken & coriander dumplings, Prawn Har gau, Scallops Siu Mai with caviar, and Tiger prawn spring roll. Please click here to view its complete menu, price and other details.

Drinks and More

Uncompromisingly, their standard of excellence, SHI’s guests can enjoy the finer things in life at their opulent lounge. Aside from a selection of decadent drinks at their bar, perfect to savor before or after a lavish meal at the restaurant, patrons can indulge in a menu of smooth shisha and cigars. Furthermore, the signature soundtrack, led by international DJs, will be interluded by a travelling violinist, setting a relaxed yet elegant vibe. The luxury experience can be paired with stunning views of the cityscape on SHI’s vast terrace.

Daily: 14:00 – 1:00

Blue Waters​ 15a, Blue Waters Island Street
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 393 9990

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