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Quirky Seedologyrestaurant and shop at Bluewaters, Seedology offers a healthy meat-free meal are available which are great for lunch or dinner.

At Seedology, the team believes that by eating healthy and nutritious superfoods, the dedicated team are not only benefiting the lives of all but the earth and its beings too. Seedology’s mission is to evolve the way diners think, the way people eat and ultimately the way they live, by offering the choice to experience better health.

Seedology is a quirky café, Seedologyset back from the water, it’s a cool spot that’s worth a visit for all who are after healthy vegetarian food. The layout is warm and welcoming with a few tables amid a shop, The Little Things, selling a number of assorted items from board games to kitchen utensils and novelty gifts. Seedology specializes in organic chia pudding either for healthy alternative desserts or meal replacements. The team uses only the best ingredients that is focused on quality, they provide the best for customers with an affordable price.

Seedology Seedologystarted their unique version of the healthy meat free meals which are great for lunch or dinner. Seedology thrives to come up with exciting and flavorful treats. For centuries people’s traditional ways of eating have been based on plant foods. A plant based diet is low in fat, high in fiber and provides a whole range of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants that contribute to good health and well being. One week of eating plant foods would offer more energy, better sleep, clearer skin, and better digestion.

A home away from home and a place where you can enjoy healthy scrumptious meals. seedologySeedology seeks to cater to healthier choices following Canada’s food guide- servings of veggies & fruits, grain products, dairy and meat alternatives with a twist using only the best ingredients and focusing on quality service. This passion passed this tradition across the Canadian borders landing in Dubai, UAE in May 2018.  Seedology is not just a healthy café but also a place with different kinds of games, movies, books and toys that are exciting. Diners can have pizzas (which come with a rundown of calories) as well as juices, chia pots, smoothies and more.


10:00 – 23:00


Àl Wasl Road, Wasl Square Block 5
Shop No. 20, Jumeirah
Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 228 3808

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