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Sea Breeze

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There sea breezeis so much relaxation at the beach, those who enjoy being in the water, or if you’re more a fan of the landscapes, La Mer‘s Sea Breeze is the ideal place.

A lot of fun for all, for family and friends to enjoy, Sea Breeze is a little laid-back space for soaking up the sun. Visitors can take time, rent a sunbed or Day Room and enjoy a beach day spent solo, or spend time with loved ones. For thrills and a dose of adrenaline rush, people may want to indulge in exciting water-sports action from jet skiing to fly boarding!

Offering sea breezean ideal place to soak in stunning sunset views at The Beach and La Mer in style, Sea Breeze offers low prices on sun beds and cabanas. Sea Breeze also offer discounts on its lounging facilities during the later part of the day. This Meraas development’s popular destination offers the orange-sky views from either a sunbed. Sea Breeze is a lot more than relaxation, as it offers those looking for adrenaline pumping activities such as a list of 20 water sport activities. Beachgoers can attempt non-motorised sports such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and pedal boats, along with jet skis, parasailing and blasting off in a water jetpack with fly boarding.

La Mer has two Sea Breeze kiosks located at La Mer North and La Mer South. Visitors can park in the destination’s underground parking in La Mer North or the outdoor parking on both sides to enjoy the various water friendly activities and services. This unique la merdestination combines distinctive retail and leisure attractions, LA Mer has showcased a range of retail and F&B concepts.La Mer integrates a large spread across 9.5 million sq ft of existing and reclaimed land. It comprises of four distinct zones – the beach, a leisure and entertainment hub, North Island, and South Island. La Mer features commercial, leisure, residential and hospitality elements.Innovative in their approach their upscale living is distinctive and integrates outdoor living environment and engaging beach activities.

Offering uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s iconic skyline, La Mer is poised to set new global benchmarks in beachfront development. la merLa Mer is a world-class beachfront space developed by Meraas to diversify the fabric of Dubai’s offering to visitors and residents. Spread over three areas – La Mer South, La Mer North and The Wharf. The first phase comprises La Mer North and La Mer South, which has over 130 hundred shops, cafés, restaurants, and beach activities, that act as a meeting point for people to enjoy a great time, whether they are visiting La Mer to eat, play or unwind. La Mer integrates has redeveloped the beaches to include showers, toilets with baby changing and disabled access, free wifi, information hubs, mobile charging, prayer rooms, four children’s playground areas and over 1,000 parking spaces are among the other amenities such as valet parking is available on-site.


La Mer Stores, Restaurants & Cafes: Daily from 10:00 to 24:00

Sea Breeze

La Mer Dubai
45 2 A St
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 317 3999

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