SalmontiniSalmontini Dubai has been in the UAE for over a decade, since 2005, and has become a much loved restaurant to many salmon, meat, and sushi lovers alike.

The restaurant is overlooking the impressive indoor slopes of Ski Dubai, Salmontini is nestled into the corner of Mall of the Emirates. Salmontini is a stylish restaurant, which overlooks Ski Dubai. The place provides a diverse international menu, with something special for everyone. The dining setting is elegant, refined and warm, whilst offering a unique lighting between lunch and dinner.

Salmontini Salmontini Dubaioffers a classic and well stocked cellar featuring an enviable selection of international wines provides the perfect accompaniment for any meal. Salmontini feels more intimate and romantic in different time of the day. Salmontini’s name gives away its raison d’etre, the salmon here really is worth all the praises. It is served smoked, cured, and as tartar on the starter menu. There are also salmon steaks, grilled, stuffed with ricotta or spiced with harissa from the main courses, as well as with tagliatelle, capers and dill. The sushi and sashimi selection is excellent along with soups, salads and meat on the menu. The Japanese dishes are really worth trying.

Salmontini has Salmontini Dubaibeen around for the past decade and has become a much loved restaurant to many salmon, meat, and sushi lovers alike. Providing a diverse international Menu, there is something for everyone. The mood of Salmontini is elegant, refined and warm, whilst giving a different feel between lunch and dinner. Salmontini Dubai at Mall of The Emirates is a Seafood Restaurant that is a famous Sushi and French Restaurant. Salmontini Le Resto in Mall of the Emirates reopened at the very end of 2012. The venue operates as a showcase for Salmontini Le Fumoir, the company’s Dubai-based salmon smokehouse, and the brand’s smoked salmon is now also available to buy in Carrefour Hypermarkets in Dubai.

Daily – 12:00 – 24:00

Salmontini Dubai

Mall of The Emirates – E11 Sheikh Zayed Rd
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 341 0222

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