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Pura Eco Retreat (Stay Pura)

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Taking pura-pureinspiration from the vibrant culture of Costa Rica, Pura is a reputed home-grown brand in Abu Dhabi. Translating to “Pure Life”, Pura Vida is the secret enclave for peaceful living, calm contemplation, relaxed strolls and close bond with nature.

Pura creates a connect with yourself and those who are willing to share the same passion. An ultimate pure state of mind, it reflects deep gratitude and a true appreciation for nature.

Jubail Island is surrounded by exotic landscapes, wide-spread mangroves, and indigenous wildlife that spans 4,000 hectares with more than 30 kilometers of waterfront. Jubail Island The famous and iconic Jubail Mangrove Park is located here at Jubail Island. Get to explore Abu Dhabi’s true essence and let natural haven boost your spirit. Get to staypura - pure spaces at this untouched haven in Abu Dhabi – located far beyond in a hidden location nestled away at Pura Eco Retreat on Jubail Island. Relax in a child-free environment at their eco-domes or native tents, designed to minimize impact on the environment.

Minimalist Chic Domes are exciting place to stay. These are spacious and nature-friendly domes designed with hand picked sourced pieces and locally crafted artwork. Set against a minimalist backdrop and neutral tones. Visitors can indulge in a menu filled with nutritious and wholesome food made with fresh locally sourced produce and influenced by the art of fire and sand cooking. Guests can choose to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner served in the beach lounge or pool terrace, with spell-binding views of the mangroves at sunrise and sunset. The gastronomic experience is available for retreat guests and non-retreat guests with reservations.

Planpura holistic holidays, away from stressful daily chores, their active holiday programs include digital detox and exquisite gastronomy along with on-site rejuvenation. Offering the best of both worlds, personalize your own experiences. Take up yoga and wellness offerings that connects with your inner self, enlighten and awaken your senses, and welcome the day with a sunrise yoga session overlooking a scenic waterfront.

Pura Eco Retreat does not cater any offerings for guests aged under 18 years. All of their offerings at Pura Eco Retreat – Jubail Island require advance booking and confirmation. Pura Eco Retreat – Jubail Island are built around nature and its surrounding environment. Please dress comfortably and appropriately suitable.

Pura Eco Retreat

Jubail Island
Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 50 383 7878
e-mail : hello@staypura.com
Web: www.https://staypura.com/

Photo courtesy: www.https://staypura.com/


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