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Yadawei Ceramic Studio

Yadawei Ceramic Studio

A dedicated studio for pottery

and ceramics in Dubai, UAE – Yadawei Studio is an open access studio dedicated to pottery and ceramic art.

As part of developing and supporting their community of artists, the team offers regular classes, one off workshops, talks by various artists, events and exhibitions. The unique studio is a purpose-built space for members and students who are ready to explore clay as a medium of art expression and design. The team runs a gymnasium like membership model for use of the studio facilities at their convenience. Membership includes firing services and use of free glazes. The team at Yadawei Ceramic Studio is open to take special orders and project commissions. Clients can book an appointment to meet all for a consultation on their next project.

Yadawei (pronounced ya-da-way) is the Arabic adjective of

handmade. The team is talking about something hand crafted and authentic, clients who are interested to describe a valuable object want to show appreciation for the time and effort that went into making it, ‘yadawei’ is the right word.

Yadawei Ceramic Studio is located in Warehouse no.30, inside Transformers/TopChair Warehouse Compound. First Al Khail Street ( 8th Street), Al Qouz 1, Dubai, UAE. Yadawei is conveniently near the E11/Sheikh Zayed Road, you can take either the D65 Al Manar Street exit or the Al Marabea Street exit into Al Qouz 1 as both connect with 8th A Street. The studio is inside the warehouse compound. One needs to drive inside the gate to find the place. There is always plenty of parking in and around the warehouse.

Ceramics for Beginners which is a Guided Class are for the first timers,

beginner level students, hobby artists that wish to work with a tutor. Students can benefit from this class and is available 5 times a week, weekdays and weekends. People can join any class and manage their own schedule. This class is ideal for making dinnerware, functional objects, fun figures and playful ceramics. Participants learn the basics of handbuilding for creating fun and functional pottery. These sessions introduces all to the art of pottery and ceramics. Students will also learn how to use different tools, how to prepare clay, tips on structure and design. Can be attended anytime this class is scheduled with 2 months from purchase. Fees are Non-refundable and first come first serve basis. There is no requirement for Studio membership. The studio also sells clay separately.

Beginners on the wheel can attend weekly morning or evening sessions,

beginner students can learn the basics of throwing very quickly because of their theoretical approach. Students develop their skills they can work with on design idea and more and decoration of pottery surfaces. Participants learn the basics of wheel throwing techniques for creating pottery. These sessions introduces one to centering, pulling, trimming and shaping clay on the wheel. They can also learn ways to use different tools, ways to prepare clay, tips on structure and design. Participants can learn how trim their pottery and create basic and advanced forms.

Contact: Yadawei Ceramic Studio Warehouse 30, 8 th, Al Qouz Industrial Area 1 Bookworm Bookshop Warehouse, First Al Khail Road Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 379 1312 Web:

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