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Vr Park Is Due To Open During The First Half Of 2018 At The Dubai Mall

VR Park is due to open during the first half of 2018 at The Dubai Mall

Virtual worlds have been very popular on recent times and the UAE is getting on board the VR gaming with a brand new park dedicated to this influential trend. Emaar Entertainment has announced that VR Park is due to open during the first half of 2018 at The Dubai Mall. This will be a first-of-its-kind attraction set to transform the virtual reality landscape.

This all-new, spectacular attraction will include tons of games, rides and experiences suitable for all ages. The world’s best virtual reality developers will come together to deliver the experience, combining augmented reality, virtual reality and experiential attractions. They will be living between perception and reality with fully immersive rides, educational journeys, many interactive games and a roller-coaster. All of these and more will be set within a virtual reality universe.

Covering two levels of the magnificent Dubai mall, VR Park will be focusing on the concept of “Shared Escapism”, many of the attractions offer a multi-player experience. This place will be a haven for the entire family and mainly for thrill-seekers. VR Park will feature all genres from across the virtual reality landscape including adrenaline, horror, leisure and more, and will also house a PVRK Café.

The Park’s official hashtag #ChallengeReality has raised curiosity!

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Contact: VP Park Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai Financial Center Rd Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: 800 DUBAI MALL (800 38224 6255) e-mail: Web:

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