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The Captains Club

The Captains Club

For most people,

it is a dream to own a boat but the expenses are substantial. But with alternatives, people can rent a boat out or just go to to enjoy the sea view. The Captains Club provides an economic solution to the boating industry whereby all individuals can enjoy a Boating With 100% Relief Life Style.

UAE’s weather is suitable for boating all year long and The Captain’s Club have condensed the costs of boating by 90%. They have spend more time in the water and offer more than just to gaze at it from a café’s window. People can join The Captain’s Club by Selecting the Membership that best suits them. Several Flexible Payment plans are available. They can train and be the Captain after only 2 days of training, Internationally licensed. No experience is required, their certified trainers are set to provide all the guidelines and necessary information. They can book their boat online. Guaranteed availability on weekend will be a contractual obligation form from their side. In addition they can reserve up to 3 Future bookings simultaneously. People can enjoy unlimited 24 hours 365 days access. People can enjoy and just drive to any of the Marinas in Abu Dhabi or Dubai with their family & friends, and find their boat Ready all set to go. While clients are boating, their team is in the marina for assistance 24 hours.

The Captains Club provides economical solution that is affordable membership and costs just 10% from the cost of owning your boat. People can become Captain of their boat and can operate the boats to enjoy the privacy with their loved ones. Available for 365 Days, 24 Hours Unlimited Access. They can access the boats in the morning, afternoon, night, and camp overnight. Their fleet is located in Abu Dhabi: Emirates Palace Marina, Yas Marina and places in Dubai include Dubai Marina and Jumeria Harbour. Guaranteed Availability on Weekends or 100% Cash Back. The only boat club in the world that offers such features. The company offers 100% Boating With Relief, the clients are 100% relieved from the Cost of the Boat, Maintenance, Parking, Insurance, Registration, Towing, Cleaning, & Mechanical Failures. They can freeze their membership and account whenever they want up to 45 days per year. Membership Cancellation is offered. If members decide to cancel their membership, they have a refund policy (T&C Apply).

The Captains Club can be joined to enjoy 

Night Cruises, dinner in a boat across the City lights, Marina Stay In, clients can enjoy their dinner and music with loved ones on a Mini Yacht. Overnight Camping is available in any of the islands, assistance can also be provided.

Get Referral Advantage: clients who recommend the company to their friends and get up to 4 months extension on the membership for free. People can access various equipment such as water sports, full BBQ set and much more.

Contact: The Captains Club Marina Promenade Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 800 82278 e-mail: Web:

Contact: The Captains Club First Floor, Yas Marina Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 800 82278 e-mail: Web:

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