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Tasleeh Shooting

Tasleeh Shooting


the world’s first ever SOFTAIR Battle Zone at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi – Tasleeh Entertainment is a place for exciting experiences. Featuring one of the largest battlegrounds alongside a state-of-the art AIRSOFT Weapons & Accessories Store (Tasleeh Tactical Store) and Themed-Café (Kalashnikov Café), Tasleeh Entertainment offers an unparalleled adventure experience.

Tasleeh Entertainment presents an entirely fresh concept to the Middle East, boasting a collection of Exact Replica Weaponry of the most renowned brands, licensed by CYBERGUN and UMAREX. These replicas are for those interested in keeping up to speed with the latest in weapon design trends.

Exciting to feel the adrenaline set in, people can get some insight into warfare action games. Adding lots of fun, this place is thrilling. Tasleeh Entertainment is the Launchpad. The brand has branch 1: Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and branch 2 in The Mall at WTCAD, Abu Dhabi. Yas Mall’s venue,

Tasleeh Entertainment brings virtual reality to life with an realistic battle zone based on the popular Call of Duty series of video games, where people can become a war hero with an army of collegues or friends. The staff provides protective masks, gloves and vests that can be worn within the Battlezone to prevent the small Airsoft plastic bullets from causing any harm.

Tasleeh was founded by Salem Al Matroushi. “I wanted to take kids away from their video games,” says the 37-year-old Emirati. “Mine are always on their iPhones and iPads. This enables young people to do it for real, with the same rush of adrenaline that the video game gives them, but in a safe atmosphere. It keeps them fit and makes them think in different ways.”

Al Matroushi decided to come up with the idea after the UAE government decided to make military service mandatory for Emiratis.

“I want to educate people about how to use rifles in a safe environment, where you’re not shooting real ammunition,” he says.

Tasleeh Shooting zone is 30,000-square-foot venue, which not just combines a battle zone and shooting ranges with a store and a cafe, is something new. This is the very first time the concept has been created in a shopping mall. Tasleeh is Yas Mall’s second virtual reality-themed attraction – Ipilot, offers thrill-seekers the chance to experience what feels like to fly a passenger jet. Tasleeh is on the first floor of Yas Mall.

Visitors can enter the Battlezone with a card that is purchased and topped up with credit for bullets. The minimum Dh120 fee gives eight rounds of ammunition in the short-range shooting area. They provide guns such as M4A1 rifle from the US. It is reasonably light, and when it fires, there’s a “ping” than a big bang. 

They have a maze-like shooting course boasting a desert-themed section, where people can run around and hit as many targets as they can in 60 seconds, while five giant screens project Call of Duty-style combat scenes. Military-style netting, artificial foliage and graffiti art enhance the warlike atmosphere, and there’s an upstairs gallery from which to watch the fight unfold below.

Tasleeh has also signed up with Dubai-based training company Gameplan to provide corporate team-building activities.

Contact: Tasleeh First Floor,Yass Mall Yas Island Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 2 555 5303 e-mail: Web:

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