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Scoopi Café Announces Home Delivery Service

Scoopi Café announces home delivery service



Located in Jumeirah, Scoopi Café’s assorted variety of flavours is now available for home delivery. Choose from flavours including salted caramel, Italian black truffle, Oreo mint, rose and cinnamon, peanut butter and beyond if you relish a few scoops of something bit different. Prices start from Dhs27 for flavours including Madagascar vanilla, Italian Nutella and mango yoghurt. Some varieties come in at Dhs30, like rose and chilli, saffron pistachio and banana and strawberry. Dhs35 ice creams include fresh date, rose and cinnamon and more, while there are a few special ice creams at Dhs40 each, including Lotus biscuit.

Scoopi Café


Scoopi Café’s bigger flagship store branch on


The team believes in originality: Being fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead. They also lay attention to authenticity: keeping it real. The team creates their own chocolate and ice cream recipes. They have devoted an extraordinary attention to the quality of their products guaranteeing that they deliver the most special and fresh range of flavors. Their production processes are unique. Their production teams follow meticulous artisan skills combined with the latest in modern manufacturing, high levels of training, equipment and techniques to create chocolates and ice creams that look and taste delicious.



Each year their team of confectioners work to create new recipes and perhaps fine tune old favorites. There is something for everyone.

Hours: Open Sat – Wed: 13:30 – 24:30 Thurs: 13:30 – 02:00 Fri: 14:00 – 02:00

Contact: Scoopi Café Jumeirah St, Jumeirah Beach Road D94, Shop no. 4, Jumeirah 3 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 800 726674 e-mail: Web:

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